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    Shopping for Electricity in Texas

    Shopping for Electricity in Texas

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    Moving to Texas?

    If you’re new to the state, you may or may not have heard of “deregulation,” and depending on the location, you might be moving into an area that is deregulated. Reliant wants to simplify your moving experience by getting you acquainted with this topic. As you will see, in a deregulated electricity market, customers have choices that make electricity buying a lot more personal.

    What is deregulation?

    In most of Texas, the electricity industry is deregulated. In these areas, this means that there are not fully integrated utility companies that own and run the generation, wires, poles, and electricity that flows to the customer. Instead, people can purchase electricity from the energy supplier of their choice.

    In contrast, in states and areas of Texas where the electricity industry is regulated, electricity is delivered to homes and businesses by a single utility company, in a "one-size- fits-all" fashion, without the power of choice.

    In areas of Texas and other states where the market is deregulated, the electricity industry is open to competition, which means residents can shop for plans, compare prices, and choose the retail electricity provider, or REP, that best fits their needs.

    Benefits of a deregulated electricity market:

    • Competitive Prices
    • Personalized Plan Options
    • Exceptional Customer Service
    • Energy Management Tools

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    Choose an electricity provider with Texas-sized power and stability. Learn more about Reliant and what we have to offer.

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    How is electricity delivered in a deregulated market?

    In deregulated areas, electricity is delivered to REP's customers through a Transmission and Distribution Service Provider, or TDSP. The TDSP, or utility company, is determined by the area in which the customer lives. The TDSPs in Texas are: Center Point, AEP Texas, TNMP, and ONCOR. 

    1. First, electricity is produced by generators, and Reliant purchases the electricity needed for its customers.
    2. Electricity is then transported from power generating stations, through towers and distribution lines, until it arrives to the customer’s physical address.
    3. Finally, Reliant supplies electricity through personalized plans and award-winning customer service.

    Reliant makes the setup of your electricity service at your home or place of work simple and convenient. In most situations, nobody is required to visit you for installation. Simply click to call or sign up online for same-day power.*

    How Texas electricity works
    How Texas electricity works

    What is kWh?

    kWh, or kilowatt-hour, is a unit of measurement for the amount of electrical consumption per hour. Knowing this can help you further understand your electricity usage and billing, so you can choose the plan that is best for you. Calculating your monthly electricity usage in kWhs is easy. Just check out this video.


    Why choose Reliant?

    Plans for everyone

    Texas-sized power and stability – Reliant has powered millions of Texans since 2001. With Reliant, you’ll enjoy affordable plans, innovative connectivity, and 24/7 customer support. Our customers trust us with their electricity, and while other companies might come and go, Reliant is here to stay.

    Personalized Plans

    Personalized plans – Our plans are personalized to fit your budget and lifestyle. From our Pick Your Free Plans, to fixed rate, pre-pay, and time-of-use, our affordable plan options are individualized to meet your needs.  

    24/7 Customer Service

    24/7 Customer Service – With Reliant, you’ll enjoy award-winning customer service. Whether it be via phone, email, or online chat, Reliant is here for you, day and night. Our live customer service agents are always ready and happy to help.

    Exclusive Discounts

    Exclusive discounts – As a Reliant customer, you have access to exclusive discounts. Enjoy reduced prices in our online Smart Home Store and on Goal Zero backup-power devices. You can also save on our AC & heat services and professionally monitored home security.

    Refer your friends to Reliant

    Easy account management – Reliant offers convenient ways for you to manage your account so you can keep track of your electricity usage and billing. Our easy-to-use tools allow you to be in control, so you can save money and remain energy efficient. With the Reliant App you can keep tabs on your account anytime, anywhere. Make payments, track usage, even adjust your Google Nest Thermostat, right from the convenience of your smart device.

    Care in our communities

    Community involvement – Reliant loves giving back to the community. Whether it’s through our volunteer work and Reliant Gives Program, or through our donations to various charities, Reliant’s community involvement is a top priority. Learn more ›

    Terms, conditions and other restrictions
    *Requests processed after 5:00 p.m. Central Time will be connected the next business day. Same-day service is offered Monday through Saturday, weather permitting, where an existing meter is in place. No connections on holidays. Enrollment and permit requirements must be met before a request can be processed. Additional charges apply.