Power surge protection plans
Starting as low as $6.99 per month with coverage up to $1,000 per year

Your home is powered by electricity, but what if a lightning strike or power surge hits? Surge Protect, provided by Allied Warranty, can help defray the costs of repairing or replacing your TV and other damaged electronics by up to $4,000.* By paying a small amount each month along with your Reliant electricity bill, you don’t have to worry about the costs of an unexpected power surge.

Surge Protect plans



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Surge Protect FAQs

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The typical cost of repairing damage caused by electrical surges is $500. Replacing damaged appliances and electronics can cost thousands of dollars. Surge Protect helps protect against the impact of these expensive, unexpected repairs.

The service is available to Reliant residential homeowners or renters.

You may cancel Surge Protect at any time with no fee or penalty by calling 1-866-RELIANT (1-866-735-4268).

To schedule service, call Allied Warranty toll-free at 1-866-791-1200.

*Reliant Surge Protect is provided by Allied Warranty. You must have a Texas service address to purchase this product. Your Reliant account information will be used by Allied for enrollment in Reliant Surge Protect, and you will soon receive additional information, including Allied's toll-free number, product details, terms and conditions for covered items, and your contract effective date, which is when your coverage begins for Reliant Surge Protect. You will have 30 days after your enrollment is processed to review Allied's materials before the contract effective date. If you call and cancel during your review period, you will not be billed for this service. If you decide to continue with this service after the contract effective date, your coverage will begin automatically and the Allied charges will appear on your Reliant bill. You can cancel Reliant Surge Protect at any time without penalty by calling Reliant at 1-866-RELIANT. If at any point you elect to change electricity providers, your Reliant Surge Protect coverage will continue unless you choose to cancel this service separately. However, you must pay your final bill in full before this service can continue. Allied Warranty is an affiliate of Reliant Energy Retail Services LLC. Participating customers must contact Allied Warranty for all home services requests and claims.