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Reliant Flextra Credits 12 plan

Get two of your highest-usage days a week for FREE and three $25 bill credits to use during the months you choose.

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Reliant Secure Advantage 24 plan

Straightfoward plan with a locked-in energy charge.

For renters

Reliant Apartment 12 plan

Designed exclusively for smaller spaces.

2 Months

Pricing Details

500 kWh
1,000 kWh
2,000 kWh

Early cancellation fee

Plan Features

Pricing Details

500 kWh
1,000 kWh
2,000 kWh

Early cancellation fee

*Average Price per kWh assumes noted usage per month and specific LP&L Delivery Charges (i.e., Residential Service or Residential Distributed Renewable Generation Service). For additional information regarding plan pricing and other terms, please see the Electricity Facts Label, on the Plan Details page. Price shown is for new customers only.
How to read and understand your electricity bill
How to read and understand your electricity bill
How to read and understand your electricity bill

How to read and understand your electricity bill

How to read and understand your electricity bill
How to read and understand your electricity bill

How to read and understand your electricity bill

Understanding your electricity bill

We know monthly bills can be hard to read and understand. Between bottom lines and small print, there can be a lot of questions left unanswered. Avoid the guessing game with our easy-to-read sample bill. We also offer a printable version for you to keep!

Check out our detailed bill feature descriptions below to help make sense of your monthly bill.

  1. Bill overview
  2. Account information
  3. Questions and comments
  4. Electricity usage summary
  5. Monthly message
  6. Account summary
  7. Payment slip
  8. Electric Service Identifier

Bill overview

A snapshot of your most important bill information. You’ll need your account number when you call us or when you mail in your check or money order. You’ll also need it to set up Online Account Management — register at to start viewing and paying your bill online, setting bill alerts, viewing usage history and more.

This section also shows you the date you were billed, the date payment is due and the After Due Date amount you owe if you pay late.

Stop worrying about due dates with our Automatic Payment Options — available at

Account information

Your Invoice Number is the unique number assigned to each specific bill.

Questions and comments

Get in touch with us — we’re here to help, 24/7. Chat with us right now at

For power outages, call your local Transmission Distribution Service Provider (TDSP) at the number listed — they maintain the lines and wires and can assist you.

Electricity usage summary

Compare usage from your current billing cycle to your previous two billing cycles, and to last year’s corresponding billing cycles (if available). See how the current temperature may have impacted your usage, and check out to find energysaving tips.

Monthly message

Check this section for reminders, programs, services and savings that may be of interest to you.

Account summary

Previous Amount Due: the amount due from your previous bill

Payment: the most recent payment we’ve received

Balance Forward: the difference between the Previous Amount Due and Payment. This balance is due right away (not when your current bill is due). If you paid this amount after the invoice was generated, it will still appear on your invoice.

Billing Period: the dates you were billed for

Base Charge: a charge assessed during each billing cycle without regard to the customer's demand or energy consumption

Energy Charge: the amount of electricity you used (shown in kWh) times the price you pay per kWh

TDSP Delivery Charges: the amount may include costs for building, maintaining and operating power lines that deliver electricity to your home, reading your meter and ensuring it works properly; these charges are set by the Public Utility Commission of Texas and are charged to every customer, regardless of provider

Gross Receipts Tax Reimbursement: if you live in an incorporated town or city with more than 1,000 residents, you are assessed this fee to recover the gross receipts tax imposed on retail electric providers.

Total Current Non-Electricity Charges: related to other Reliant products or services you may have signed up for, such as Reliant Home Solutions℠ products and services or Reliant EcoShare

Customers on Average Monthly Billing will also see the line items “Average Current Charges” and “Deferred Balance.”

Not on Average Monthly Billing yet? Smooth out your monthly bills at

Below these items, you’ll find your AMOUNT DUE. This includes your Balance Forward, Current Charges and Total Current Non-Electricity Charges.

Below this, you’ll see your current plan expiration date if you’re on a term plan.

Payment slip

Tear off this section and return it with your check or money order for the Amount Due. To make a payment by phone, call 1.877.REI.PAID. Tired of buying stamps? Have your payment automatically drafted from your bank account or charged to your credit card — visit to sign up.

Electric Service Identifier

Your Electric Service Identifier (ESI ID) is the unique identifier created for your meter by your local electric utility. Think of it like an IP address for your meter. Wondering how much electricity you used in the last billing period? We calculate your kWh Usage by subtracting Previous Meter Read from Current Meter Read, then  multiply it by the kWh Multiplier.  Learn how to adjust your electricity usage before you see your next bill at The average price you paid per kWh for the billing period contains the Base Charge, Energy Charge and TDSP Charge.