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    Shopping for Electricity in Texas

    Shopping for Electricity in Texas

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    Moving to Texas?

    If you’re new to the state, you may or may not have heard of “deregulation,” and depending on the location, you might be moving into an area that is deregulated. Reliant wants to simplify your moving experience by getting you acquainted with this topic. As you will see, in a deregulated electricity market, customers have choices that make electricity buying a lot more personal.

    What is deregulation?

    In most of Texas, the electricity industry is deregulated. In these areas, this means that there are no fully integrated utility companies that own and run the generation, wires, poles, and electricity that flows to the customer. Instead, people can purchase electricity from the energy supplier of their choice.

    In contrast, in states and areas of Texas where the electricity industry is regulated, electricity is delivered to homes and businesses by a single utility company, in a "one-size- fits-all" fashion, without the power of choice.

    In areas of Texas and other states where the market is deregulated, the electricity industry is open to competition, which means residents can shop for plans, compare prices, and choose the retail electricity provider, or REP, that best fits their needs.

    Benefits of a deregulated electricity market:

    • Exceptional Customer Service
    • Energy Management Tools
    • Competitive Prices
    • Variety of plans

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    Choose an electricity provider with Texas-sized power and stability.

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    How is electricity delivered in a deregulated market?

    In deregulated areas, electricity is delivered to REP's customers through a Transmission and Distribution Service Provider, or TDSP. The TDSP, or utility company, is determined by the area in which the customer lives. The TDSPs in Texas are: CenterPoint, AEP Texas, TNMP, and ONCOR. 

    1. First, electricity is produced by generators, and Reliant purchases the electricity needed for its customers.
    2. Electricity is then transported from power-generating stations, through towers and distribution lines, until it arrives to the customer’s physical address.
    3. Finally, Reliant supplies electricity through plans that fit your lifestyle and award-winning customer service.

    Reliant makes the setup of your electricity service at your home or place of work simple and convenient. In most situations, nobody is required to visit you for installation. Simply call or sign up online for same-day power.*

    How Texas electricity works
    How Texas electricity works

    The difference between a Texas utility company and a Texas retail electricity provider

    In Texas, there are several utility companies that energy providers such as Reliant work with. Most commonly referred to as a TDSP (Transmission and Distribution Service Provider), other names for a utility company include: TDU (Transmission and Delivery Utility), and distribution service provider. An energy provider, on the other hand, is also known as a REP (retail electricity provider).

    TDSPs and REPs each have their specific role and responsibility in our Texas electricity market. Below you will find information about what each of their role is, and when you should call them.

    TDSP is responsible for:

    • The transportation and delivery of power to your home or business
    • Maintenance of electrical equipment

    Contact them to:

    • Report a power outage
    • Report a fallen pole or wire
    • Report a problem with your meter

    REP is responsible for:

    • Supplying electricity through different plans and rates
    • Providing electricity billing and customer service
    • Processing payments

    What makes Reliant different? With Reliant, customers find affordable, innovative ways to personalize power, take control of energy efficiency, and connect to what matters most.

    Contact them to:

    • Get information about the best electricity plan available in your area
    • Set-up or connect your electricity service
    • Transfer your electricity service
    • Get answers to questions about billing

    What does Reliant do?

    Reliant is your local REP

    Reliant is your local REP

    They're responsible for providing electricity both generated internally and purchased from electricity utilities and from other electricity power producers, suppliers and sources, for transfer to your home or business.

    One of the largest Texas electricity providers

    One of the largest Texas electricity providers

    Reliant is trusted by over a million Texans. Find out how our electricity plans can fit into every budget and lifestyle, and see the many customer benefits below.

    What is a kWh?

    A kWh, or kilowatt-hour, is a unit of measurement for the amount of electrical consumption per hour. Knowing this can help you further understand your electricity usage and billing, so you can choose the plan that is best for you. Calculating your monthly electricity usage in kWhs is easy. Just check out this video.

    There are lots of reasons to choose Reliant

    Affordable plans for everyone

    Affordable plans for everyone – Whether it’s fixed-rate peace of mind or month-to-month flexibility, Reliant has a budget-friendly choice for you. Shop more plans ›


    Texas-sized strength and stability – Since 2001, millions of Texans have trusted Reliant. While other providers may come and go, we’re here for the long haul.

    More than electricity

    More than electricity – Count on Reliant to connect you with AC & Heat protection plans, home surge protection and whole-home generators.

    Care from the heart

    Care from the heart – Giving back to the community. Providing award-winning customer support. Just two of the ways we’re committed to all of Texas.

    Exclusive discounts and referral rewards

    Exclusive discounts and referral rewards – Enjoy discounted pricing on smart home products and backup-power devices. Plus, earn unlimited bill credits for referrals.5

    24/7 Customer Service

    24/7 customer service – Call or chat with us online, any time of day or night. With Reliant, you’ll always connect with a real person ready to help.

    Terms, conditions and other restrictions
    *Requests processed after 5:00 p.m. Central Time will be connected the next business day. Same-day service is offered Monday through Saturday, weather permitting, where an existing meter is in place. No connections on holidays. Enrollment and permit requirements must be met before a request can be processed. Additional charges apply.