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Putting health and safety first.
When our security techs visit your home, they sanitize their hands; wear gloves, masks and shoe covers; and observe social distancing.

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Managing your system

Through your online account, you can:

  • Arm or disarm your system
  • Check the status of doors
  • Watch video recordings or live streams
  • Manage notification settings, set up passcodes and more

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Setting up user codes

By setting up user codes, you can monitor and keep record of who enters your home and assign permanent or temporary user codes for anyone you want to grant access to your home, such as:

  • Housekeeper
  • Babysitter
  • Dog walker
  • Nanny

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Setting up notifications and receiving alerts

Set up notifications to receive alerts due to a system occurrence such as:

  • The system reporting an alarm
  • Someone forgot to arm the system
  • Someone used their user code to enter your home
  • A door is left open

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Set up location-based rules and alerts

Create a Geo-Fence to enable location-based rules and alerts that automatically adjust your home’s settings based on your proximity to your home. Geo-Services uses the location of your smartphone to detect when you’re leaving or approaching your home.

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