NRG Tips to Reduce Your Electricity Bill in Texas

Tips to Reduce Your Monthly Electricity Bill in Texas


There are a variety of reasons your electricity bill can fluctuate from month to month. Read on to find specific ways you can better manage your usage, based on your living situation.

Single Individuals or Couples

When you are living alone or with your spouse, it is easier to keep track of your usage behavior than when managing a larger family. Evaluate your habits and come up with a plan to make small adjustments that can be beneficial. Start small and work towards making these habits routine.

  • Wash laundry with cold water (90% of electricity used for laundry is simply to heat the water)
  • Reduce the number of laundry loads by waiting until you have a full load to run the washer
  • Opt for LED light bulbs as they can last years and are more energy efficient than other types of bulbs 

Large families

With large families, electricity usage will generally be higher, with even more potential for fluctuation. Work together as a family to establish electricity usage reduction goals and plans on how to achieve them. Certain changes that may be easy for singles or couples may not be as practical for large families. For example, washing with warm or hot water may be necessary if you have very soiled clothes or cloth diapers.

  • Set family goals for reducing usage and work towards them together
  • Educate children on usage, costs and green decisions
  • Be smart about appliance usage
    • Run dishwasher only when it is completely full
    • Wash full loads of clothes instead of several smaller loads
    • Don’t leave water running

Apartment Residents

Apartments are generally smaller than homes, therefore, there may be less variables effecting your electricity usage. This may mean that the electricity saving measures you take can potentially have a greater impact than if you were living in a larger space.

  • Turn off the lights when leaving a room
  • Reduce heating and air conditioning usage
  • Cool your home using windows
  • Change air filters regularly  (both helps your HVAC to function properly and improve the air quality in your apartment )


With a house, there are some added considerations that generally do not come with an apartment. For example, you may have  more square footage which can cost you more when it comes to heating and air conditioning.

  • Only heat/cool your home when people are home
  • Make sure all spaces are properly insulated
  • Plant trees/large shrubs around your home for shade
  • Install window coverings to keep heat out

For more information on practical ways to cut down on your utility costs, visit our Quick Fixes or Weekend Projects articles. To get an estimate of what your bill might be under certain circumstances, try the Bill Estimator tool.