NRG Energy Usage Tools

Energy Usage Tools

Usage Management

In your online account, you have a variety of tools to help you manage your usage and make changes.

A few things you can do in your online account:

  • Pay your bill or program automatic payments.
  • See your projected bill to help you budget. 
  • Compare your usage from week to week. 
  • Receive text alerts when your usage reaches certain levels.
  • View your electricity usage and see where your home stands compared to similar homes in your area. 
  • Check your account information
  • Track your history and compare current use to previous totals.
  • Sign up for the Reliant Weekly Summary Email.

If logging in to track your usage takes too much time, you might like to receive text alerts about your electricity usage. Sent directly to your phone, Reliant AccountAlerts help you manage your electricity budget. Log in to your online account one time to set up the alerts you want. Then, stop worrying about your usage. You can receive text alerts that notify you:

  • Five days before your bill is due
  • When your current cost exceeds your budget
  • When your projected bill exceeds your budget
  • When you exceed your daily use
  • When your daily usage spikes by 25 percent

Log in to gain access to usage management tools through your online account dashboard.

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Terms, conditions and other restrictions
*Available to Reliant customers with provisioned smart meters. Comparison based on an average of 20-100 similar homes in customer’s geographic area based on the usage data available to Reliant, type of home, age and size of home, type of heating source and whether swimming pool is present according to publicly available property tax data. Customer-specific information and actual address details are not revealed. Reliant is a registered trademark of Reliant Energy Retail Holdings, LLC. Reliant Energy Retail Services, LLC.

Weekly Summary Email

The power to save and conserve is at your fingertips. With the Reliant Weekly Summary Email, you get a customized email with detailed electricity data and projected bill estimates. Make smarter electricity usage decisions every day and see improvements on your bill every week.

Sign up

How it helps

  • Estimates your daily costs and projected monthly bill
  • Empowers you to make usage decisions based on summary information — before you receive your next bill
  • Provides a customized weekly tip to help you apply your new usage understanding to save even more

How it works

The Weekly Summary Email highlights your electricity usage — and approximately what it costs — for the most recent week as compared to the week before it. This information is then used to generate an estimate of your next bill to help you better manage your electricity budget*.

You can also view a graph of the most recent week's electricity usage and compare your usage to similar homes in your area. View an example.

How to get it

Call 1-866-872-6644 to stay on top of your electricity budget every week.

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Terms, conditions and other restrictions

Reliant reserves the right to discontinue the Reliant Weekly Summary Email without notice. In the event Reliant receives incomplete interval data from your electric utility, Reliant may estimate your usage for missing intervals based on historical usage data from your meter. Weekly Summary estimates the usage and cost projected through the end of the billing cycle and will vary from your actual bill. A standard billing cycle is 29-32 days. The Weekly Electricity Usage is an estimate and is used to develop figures in the Weekly Summary Email. This usage estimate is based on regional averages and does not reflect your actual monthly usage. Your monthly bill provides your official usage determined by your local electricity utility. Reliant Energy Compare compares your home to 20-100 similar homes in your area with Reliant service. Your comparison group is chosen based on type of home (single-family or multifamily), location (zip code), age, size, type of heating source (gas or electric) and whether the home has a swimming pool. We then compare your home’s electricity usage with the average usage of the entire group during the same time period. “Efficient” usage is the average usage of the 20 percent of homes in your comparison group with the least amount of electricity usage.

Energy Compare

Let's face it. Human beings compare everything. Children's grades. Neighbors' cars. But what about electricity usage? At Reliant, we do the research to let you see how your electricity usage compares to similar homes in your area. So go ahead and see how your home's usage stacks up.

How it helps

Energy Compare gives you your home's usage alongside an average of more than 20 similar homes based on type of home (single-family or multi-family), location, age of home, size of home, type of heating source (gas or electric) and whether the home has a swimming pool. You can see your group's usage broken down according to "average" homes and "efficient" homes to find out where your usage could improve.

To analyze your home's usage against a larger sample of comparable homes, request a Home Energy Snapshot. You will get a more complete understanding of how your home uses electricity, plus energy-efficiency tips tailored to your needs. The Home Energy Snapshot is available to single-family homes in Texas powered by Reliant for at least 12 months.

How it works

Energy Compare is a feature built into your account management dashboard. Consult your dashboard whenever you would like to understand your electricity usage — and how it compares to that of your neighbors — in depth.

How to get it

Log in to your online account to start comparing today.

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Your life is full, and you need the freedom to manage your budget and your electricity usage from wherever you are. With Reliant AccountAlerts, you can check your balance and receive personalized alerts quickly and conveniently on your mobile phone. Sign up for automatic bill and usage alerts, or activate your mobile number to text us for on-demand information.

Sign up

Text on-demand

Get information about your electricity usage and your Reliant account in an instant. Now, you can have your latest usage estimates delivered via text message and even see what your next bill might look like based on your usage to date.

Just send any of the keywords below to 697697 after activating your mobile number online.* Message and data rates may apply.

  • BILL to receive the amount and due date for your next Reliant bill
  • ESTBILL to receive an estimate of your next bill based on your usage so far this month
  • COST to receive the amount and electricity charges you have incurred so far this month
  • USAGE to receive your usage in kilowatt-hours so far this month
  • HELP for more information
  • STOP to stop receiving all text alerts

Take advantage of Text On-Demand today, and stay alerted and up-to-date with your electricity budget. 

Automatic alerts

Stay on top of your account with automatic Reliant AccountAlerts. These periodic text messages sent directly to your phone are designed to help you manage your electricity budget.

You can receive text alerts that notify you:

  • Five days before your bill is due
  • When your current cost exceeds your budget
  • When your projected bill exceeds your budget
  • When you exceed your daily usage
  • When your daily usage spikes by 25 percent

Sign up for Reliant AccountAlerts today to gain greater control of your electricity usage and budget. Message and data rates may apply. The number and frequency of messages will vary based on the specific alert types selected in your Alerts and Contact Preferences.

More information

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Terms, conditions and other restrictions
* Customers must have already opted in to receive alerts via text from the Contact Preferences page on the Account Management dashboard. Available only to customers with a smart meter. Message and data rates may apply. For Terms and Conditions, go to

Home Energy Checkup

Make sure your home stays as energy efficient as possible by requesting a free Home Energy Snapshot today. You'll get customized tips, usage comparisons and other energy information specific to your home.1

Request your snapshot

Get started

  1. Request your free Home Energy Snapshot.
  2. Check out your Home Efficiency Rating and the energy-efficiency tips outlined in your Snapshot.
  3. If recommended, schedule an In-Home Consultation to get personalized strategies for making your home more efficient.

View Sample Snapshot

Home Energy Snapshot

Generated the moment you complete the request form, the Home Energy Snapshot leverages historical usage data to give you:

  • A report of your home's average electricity usage over the last year
  • A Home Efficiency Rating, based on comparisons with similar homes
  • Tips to improve your home's energy efficiency
  • A baseline with which to measure your home's efficiency progress

Home Efficiency Ratings are updated once per month, but you can request Home Energy Snapshots as often as you like. Snapshots requested before the next month's usage update will not include any new usage data.

To receive a Snapshot, your home must be at least one year old.

Start by requesting your Home Energy Snapshot online.

Request Your Snapshot

In-Home Consultation 

If your Home Efficiency Rating indicates inefficiencies in electricity use, we may recommend scheduling an In-Home Consultation. At your request, a Reliant Home Energy Consultant will visit your home, review your Snapshot with you, thoroughly examine your home and leave you with your Closer Look, an at-a-glance guide containing your home's personalized assessment and practical solutions for improvement.

Within 48 hours of your In-Home Consultation, your Home Energy Consultant will send you your Big Picture, a detailed report that includes all the factors assessed during your consultation, plus specific actions you can take.

The In-Home Consultation evaluates your:

  • Home characteristics — such as age, size, type and number of stories
  • Heating and cooling system — including the fuel source, system size and SEER rating
  • Appliances
  • Thermostat type and automation
  • Return air system
  • Insulation type, location, depth and R-value
  • Ductwork design, connections, sizing, performance, seal method, type and R-value
  • Attic ventilation types and amounts
  • Window seals and caulking
  • Interior and exterior lighting

Call 1-855-887-2190 to schedule your In-Home Consultation. You can request an In-Home Consultation once per year.

Additional comparison tools

To compare your home with a smaller sample of comparable homes, you can use Energy Compare, available in the Reliant Weekly Summary Email and in your online account. Because Energy Compare measures your home against a smaller geographic area and a more limited group of homes than the Home Energy Snapshot, the comparison may differ.

Helpful information

  • To request a Home Energy Snapshot, visit
  • To request an In-Home Consultation, call 1-855-887-2190.
  • To see what average monthly electricity costs have been in the past at homes similar to yours, use our electricity bill calculator.2
  • Energy-saving tips
Terms, conditions and other restrictions

1All features of the Home Energy Checkup may not be available to all customers. Some restrictions apply. Snapshots can only be generated for single-family homes that are at least one year old. The In-Home Consultation is only available to single-family homes in the Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex areas. Limit one consultation per customer each year. Scheduling is based on availability.

2Estimates are based on average consumption by comparable dwellings in the same area and are not are not exact predictors. Your electricity bills may vary. The Reliant Bill Estimator should be used for informational purposes only.