Solar Sell Back plan

Now is a great time to go solar! The Reliant Solar Sell Back plan is a smart way to complement your solar lease by choosing to receive credit for any excess electricity you generate and return to the grid. Read on to see how you can benefit while also giving back to the grid.

Call 1-866-735-1214 between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, to enroll.

Sell Back Details

Sell Back Details


  • An affordable month-to-month, indexed plan*
  • No long-term contract requirements
  • Gives you an opportunity to earn a monthly credit for any surplus electricity you generate and return to the electric grid.**
  • If you lease through NRG Home Solar, another trusted company in the NRG family, Reliant will credit your solar lease $10 every month you are on the plan.

How It Works

  • Make a commitment to go solar and install solar PV systems on your home.
  • Once interconnected, sign up for the Reliant Solar Sell Back plan and complete your Grid Contribution Agreement.
  • Begin receiving credit for any excess electricity you generate and put back on the grid. Credits will be automatically applied to your monthly Reliant bill.**

Get Answers

*Rules and conditions apply.

* Price changes on the 15th of every month. Price is determined on the monthly closing NYMEX natural gas prices and can vary greatly month to month. 

** A dual-register meter beyond the Smart Meter may be required to measure generation and consumption. The customer’s home generation system must be connected to the grid by their TDSP to receive monthly payments for their surplus generation as reported by their TDSP. The customer must be located in a competitive ERCOT market.