Saving Tips
Spring Electricity Bills
Energy Saving Tips
Spring Electricity Bills

During the spring, homeowners can easily cut back on their home electricity usage by taking advantage of nature’s gifts. With temperatures starting to warm up, you can turn off your heater and open the windows to enjoy the natural breeze and cut back on energy costs.

The spring weather also makes for a great time to spring clean and inspect your home for repairs. The pleasant weather is a lot easier to work in compared to summertime. Take this time to check around your home for improvements that need to be made to enhance your home's energy efficiency.

What is the best way get the most out
of my AC?

Lower bill tips - AC

Once you turn on the AC, you will ultimately want to keep inside air in and outside air out. With that in mind, inspect your home for leaks to find any places where air may escape. Weatherstrip your outside doors and caulk your windows to keep air from sneaking out. You may need to push furniture away from air vents to keep air flowing throughout your home uninterrupted, and double check to confirm that all air vents are open.


This spring, what can I do to prepare
for summer?

Lower bill tips - Caulk gun

  • Caulk leaks that allow air to escape your home.
  • Check to make sure your AC is in good condition and will work properly. Cleaning or replacing filters can lower your systems energy consumption by up to 15%.1
  • Take advantage of this time of year to use ceiling fans to cool off if your house gets warm. You can also open the windows to let cool air in if the weather is nice.
  • Use natural lighting. Open the blinds to let natural light in and reduce your home energy usage. 
  • Install window treatments such as blackout curtains to block out the heat that will accompany the arrival of summer.
  • Seal ducts. Air loss through ducts accounts for approximately 30% of a cooling system’s energy consumption.2

What can I do to manage my electricity
bill costs?

Lower bill tips - Alerts

  • Sign up for average billing to get a more consistent energy bill each month. With average billing, your bill is determined based on your energy usage from the last 12 months at your address.
  • Sign up for enhanced AccountAlerts, a text message service that automatically notifies you when your costs exceed a set amount and/or your daily usage jumps by 25%. 
  • Download the Reliant App to check your balance and manage your account anytime from your mobile device. 
  • Get an AC Tune-Up to make sure your home cooling system is working properly and efficiently.
  • Check out our other energy-saving tips to learn more about how to reduce your home energy usage.

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2U.S. Department of Energy