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    When you get an online account with Reliant, you instantly get access to all kinds of tools designed to help you save energy and manage your costs and bill. Stay on top of your usage and make sure your home is saving the energy you want it to save with these handy features, all included in your Reliant account.

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    My Account Usage Management
    The first step toward saving energy is being aware of your current energy use. In your online account, you have a variety of tools to help you manage your usage and make energy saving changes.
    View my usage
    View your electricity usage
    View your usage from various timeframes. Use this information to identify your usage tendencies and make energy saving adjustments.
    Compare my usage
    Compare your usage to homes like yours
    See how your usage compares to the usage of similar homes in your area to find out if your home is operating efficiently.
    Track your usage
    Track your usage on the go with the Reliant App
    The Reliant App gives you access to the ability to track your usage, get bill projections, adjust your thermostat and even more tools that help you stay on top of your usage — all from your phone.
    Bill projection
    See your projected bill
    See an estimate of your projected bill in time to make the necessary usage adjustments to lower your bill. Use the power of information to save money.