Energy Saving Solutions

Energy-Saving Solutions

Energy-Saving Solutions

Energy Saving Solutions

Using less energy = more savings

Energy usage tools

Energy usage tools ›

Benefit from a variety of tools that will help you manage your electricity usage and reduce your bill. Receive a weekly summary email, check your home's efficiency, set up automatic text message alerts to notify you when you've hit certain thresholds and more.

Smart energy plans

Smart energy plans ›

Learn more about the plans we offer that are designed to help you cut down on your usage. From plans that give you free electricity on the weekends to plans that feature the Nest Thermostat.

Earn bill credits

Earn bill credits ›

Benefit from plans that help you earn bill credits for reducing your usage during specific times. The Reliant Degrees of Difference program not only encourages you to save, but rewards you for it.

Energy saving products

Energy saving products ›

Get your hands on some great energy saving products like LED light bulbs and Nest Learning Thermostats. Take advantage of these energy saving products at a discount through Reliant.