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    Reliant Solar Payback plan

    Reliant Solar Payback plan

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    Earn bill credits with your solar panels

    You already have solar panels, so why not make the most of their power? With the Reliant Solar Payback plan, you’ll receive bill credits up to your monthly usage when your solar panels generate excess energy and return it to the electric grid.1

    Solar farm

    Get more from your solar panels

    Sign up for the Solar Payback plan and you’ll receive:

    • A fixed electricity price for the length of your term.
    • A bill credit applied to your monthly Reliant bill for surplus electricity generated by your solar panels and returned to the grid, up to your monthly usage.2

    Sign up by calling 1-866-735-1214 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and mention promo code XA33TM.

    When it comes to solar, Reliant has options — with or without the panels.
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    Terms, conditions and other restrictions

    1The credit is exclusive of any monthly base charge, applicable taxes and fees, or other charges. Credits for excess energy are capped at the monthly usage from the grid. The credit per kWh for the excess energy you send to the grid will be the same per kWh energy rate we charge for the electricity plan. It may take up to three billing cycles after receiving Permission to Operate (PTO) from your utility to begin receiving credits.

    2To receive bill credits, customer must have solar panels at the utility service address and an active interconnection agreement with the utility (or TDSP). Customer must have a meter installed and configured by their TDSP that measures the inflow and outflow of electricity to and from their home.

    *A dual-register meter beyond the Smart Meter may be required to measure generation and consumption. The customer’s home generation system must be connected to the grid by their TDSP to receive monthly payments for their surplus generation as reported by their TDSP. The customer must be located in a competitive ERCOT market. This plan requires the customer to have solar panels or wind turbines at their house and an active interconnection agreement with their TDSP.