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Solar energy rebates and incentives

Solar energy rebates and incentives

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If you’re installing solar panels at your home or business, you may qualify for certain local and federal rebates or incentives. Understanding tax credits and incentives is key to making the best solar purchase decision.

Solar energy incentives in Texas can vary

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Texas property tax exemption

Exemptions may apply if a qualifying solar installation increases your property value.1
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Oncor Residential Solar Program

Dallas-Fort Worth area residents served by Oncor may qualify for the utility’s Residential Solar Program, which helps offset initial solar-investment costs.

If you live outside of the Oncor service area, contact your local utility or municipality to explore solar incentives and rebates.2
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Take advantage of the federal solar energy tax credit

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New installations come with built-in savings

Enacted in 2006, the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is a federal policy that supports growth of solar energy in the United States.

Click the link below to learn about the availability of a 26% federal tax credit for new solar projects in 2020, based on full system price after installation.
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Terms, conditions and other restrictions

*A dual-register meter beyond the Smart Meter may be required to measure generation and consumption. The customer's home generation system must be connected to the grid by their TDSP to receive monthly payments for their surplus generation as reported by their TDSP. 

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