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  • Nine solar home appliances to help you save energy with the power of the sun

    Making an investment in home solar panels can be expensive and even physically impossible in some geographic regions. Fortunately, there are other ways to leverage the power of the sun to fuel your home. From beautiful pendant lighting to sleek car speakerphones, a wide variety of solar-powered appliances is available for both indoor and outdoor use. Choose a solar gadget that works for your lifestyle, and start using the sun instead of conventional energy sources to power your home.* 

    1. Sun King™ Home by Greenlight Planet

    The Greenlight Planet Sun King Home is a solar-powered lamp and USB charging system that provides light and energy for your home. Starting at only $150, you get three stylish ceiling-mounted lamps, wall-mounted switches, an energy hub, one solar panel, a charging kit and a two-year warranty. With one full day’s charge, your home can be lit for up to 24 hours using the Sun King Home.  

    Sun King Home Greenlight Planet

    Source: Greenlight Planet

    2. Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard 

    Not only does the Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard boast a sleek and eco-friendly design, but it’s powered by light — even indoors! Once fully charged, this keyboard can operate for up to three months in total darkness. There’s also a convenient app to pair with the keyboard that allows users to track their power usage and receive power-saving tips based on their usage. The app even notifies users when their power reserve is decreasing with plenty of warning time. 

    Logitech Keyboard

    Source: Logitech

    3. SunDanzer Refrigerator 

    SunDanzer Solar Refrigerators allow you to keep food items properly refrigerated by using low energy consumption technology paired with solar energy. The DCR50 model boasts a rugged scratch resistant exterior, adjustable thermostat and an easy-to-clean aluminum finish. Not only is this refrigerator convenient for use at home, but it’s also built to provide portable refrigeration in secluded areas where refrigeration might be unobtainable or expensive.  

    SunDanzer Refrigerator

    Source: SunDanzer

    4. Goal Zero® Rock Out 2 Solar Rechargeable Speaker 

    Goal Zero is on a mission to make a difference in the lives of people everywhere. One way they are making a difference is through the power of solar technology. The Rock Out 2 solar speaker comes with an integrated solar panel and Bluetooth technology that allows you to play quality music throughout your home or outdoors by harnessing the sun’s energy. It's weatherproof and can play for 10 hours at a time on a full charge.

    Goal Zero Rock Out Speakers

    Source: Goal Zero

    5. Soehnle’s Food Scale 

    This highly effective solar food scale is the perfect gadget for any kitchen. Powered by light-sensitive solar cells, you can easily control your portions or exact measurements in low light and even artificial light. The weighing platform is also removable, making cleanup and storage a breeze. The Soehnle digital food scale measures precisely using only the power of the sun, so you never have to worry about replacing batteries or finding enough counter space near an outlet. 

    Soehnle Food Scale

    Source: Soehnle

    6. Rheem Water Heater® 

    Designed to save energy and utility costs, the Rheem Solaraide HE solar water heater uses the power of solar technology to heat your home’s water. Rheem offers both 80-gallon and 120-gallon capacity heaters that come in either a single tank or storage tank model depending on your needs. The Solaraide HE’s isolated tank design promotes better heat retention for your home which saves your family money by using energy more efficiently. Take advantage of the power of the sun and consider investing in a solar-powered water heater. 

    Rheem Water Heater

    Source: Rheem

    7. Solar Powered Car Speakerphone from Sharper Image®

    This unique solar-powered car speakerphone can only be purchased at Sharper Image. Conveniently place the speakerphone on your car’s dashboard, and no longer worry about being distracted while using your smartphone on the road. Powered by solar energy, this speakerphone charges all day on your dashboard, giving you up to four hours of talk time with a complete charge. With one-button answering and hang-up functionality, this device will make using your smartphone on the road much safer. 

    Sharper Image Car Speakerphone

    Source: Sharper Image

    8. Home Depot Outdoor Lights 

    From decorative garden and spot lights to LED street lights, Home Depot offers a wide variety of solar-powered lighting for your home that won’t hurt your budget. The specific features vary depending on the type and size of fixture, and nightly performance depends on the amount of sunshine captured by the solar panels during the day. Whatever your needs, you'll find a wide variety of solar-powered lights to choose from on the Home Depot website.

    Home Depot Outdoor Lights

    Source: Home Depot

    9. Solar-Powered Underwater Light Show from Sharper Image®

    Take your family’s entertainment to the next level with Sharper Image’s solar-powered underwater light show. With one press of a button, you can experience a never-ending, colorful light show that enhances the ambiance for any gathering or event. The device charges directly from the sun and will operate about 4-6 hours on a full charge. Even if you don’t have a pool, you can still enjoy this fun device on land using the integrated hanging loop. Setup and take-down are a breeze because the device is compact and weighs less than two pounds.

    Sharper Image Underwater Light

    Source: Sharper Image

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