NRG Compare Plans

Comparing Reliant Electricity Plans

We take the time to carefully construct our plans so that they satisfy the needs of people with many different lifestyles. Before you sign up for an electricity plan, we want to make sure you have the information you need to choose the plan best for you. Take a look at a breakdown of some of the types of plans we offer.

Fixed Rate

With a fixed rate electricity plan, the price you pay for electricity remains the same each month. The price will only change due to factors beyond your provider's control, such as changes in fees from the utility company (TDSP) or regional administrative fees. These types of plans typically involve contracts that can last anywhere from three to 36 months. With a fixed rate plan, you benefit from the security of a locked in price regardless of how much electricity you use.


Variable Rate

Variable price plans are often month-to-month contracts with no cancellation fees.  Each month, the energy charge used to calculate your bill can fluctuate, often (but not always) by no more than a defined percentage related to the previous month's price. This type of plan benefits customers who are willing to compromise on not knowing exactly what their price will be for the added flexibility of a shorter plan term.



A prepaid electricity plan allows you to pay for electricity in advance, with no deposit and no long term contract. You decide how much electricity you want to pay for, purchase it in-store, online or through the Reliant app, and get alerts when your balance is running low. With no contract and the ability to purchase electricity on a daily basis, this type of plan keeps you in complete control of your electricity budget at all times.


Time of Use

A time of use plan offers you the ability to save on the cost of electricity based on the time or day the electricity is being used. No electricity charge on the weekends, or no charge during certain hours of the day are some of the most common types of time of use plans offered. If you aren't usually home during the day, or do most of your high electricity consumption tasks during the weekend, you may benefit from a time of use plan.


Plans that Reward

These incentive based plans reward you for being a Reliant customer. Depending on the plan, you have the opportunity to receive sports memorabilia, gift cards, bill credits, airline mile credits, donations made on your behalf to charities and more, simply for signing up for an electricity plan with Reliant.