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Not having electricity can be a frustrating experience. We are here to help you report an outage to your Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (TDSP) who is responsible for helping restore your electricity. Let’s start by finding out who your provider is.

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We can look up your utility company by searching for your service address

Why am I reporting my outage to my TDSP?

We are your electricity supplier

Reliant is responsible for supplying the power that flows through power lines to you. Your local TDSP maintains the power lines, utility poles, and the general electric infrastructure that you depend on to have the electricity delivered to your home. That is why when your power goes out, your TDSP needs to be notified so that they can resolve the issue causing your outage.
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Texas Customers - TDSP Contact Information
Texas New Mexico Power

What if I am not a Texas customer?

Not a Texas customer?

Our sister company, NRG Home, serves customers in the following areas. For information on your TDSP/utility providers, please click on one of the links:

Weather safety

Use the Reliant Storm Center to get the information you need to make important safety decisions. This is our one-stop site for all things storm related, including planning tools, the latest local weather, traffic conditions, emergency checklists and information on how to recover after a storm.

About electricity

Knowing more about how electricity works can help you understand outages, pricing and more. Get the information you need about the power grid and common electricity related terminology in our Energy 101 section.