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Fall Electricity Bills
Energy Saving Tips
Fall Electricity Bills

Typically, in seasons like fall and spring, energy bills are lower, since the weather is more temperate and you can take a break from running the AC or heater.

Fall is the perfect time to dial back the AC and enjoy the change of seasons. Start the morning off by opening the windows to let the cool air in. In the evening, enjoy the pleasant weather on your patio or by taking a quick stroll through the neighborhood.

Toward the end of fall, prep your home for the colder temperatures by getting a tune-up on your heating system before the cold temperatures are here to stay. Fall is a great time to check your home’s insulation and fix any other energy efficiency issues before winter arrives.

How can I get the most out of my
heating system?

How can I get the most out of my heating system?

Get the most out of my heating system

Maintaining your home heating system is critical. Make sure your heating system is updated and tested. You should also inspect your house for leaks and check insulation.

This fall, what can I do to prepare for
saving energy in the winter?

This fall, what can I do to prepare for saving energy in the winter?

Manage my electricity
  • Inspect insulation. The best way to be sure your insulation is up to snuff is to hire a professional to check the insulation throughout your house.
  • Cut back on the AC. Depending on where you live, it may be fall but still be hot outside. Gradually cut back on AC usage or adjust the settings to reduce your electricity usage.
  • Seal air leaks. Common places for leaks include windows, doors, attics and basements. Add weatherstripping around doors and caulking around windows to seal leaks. This helps keep indoor air in and outdoor air out.1
  • Clean your fireplace and apply caulk around fireplaces to seal leaks. Maintaining your fireplace will help cut energy costs.2
  • Swap out your bedding. Opt for flannel sheets or heavier blankets to stay warm at night.
  • Make sure to keep up with your home heating system maintenance. This is critical to keeping your bill as low as you can in the winter. Get a home inspection or HVAC tune-up if possible.

What can I do to manage my electricity bill costs?

Prepare for saving energy
  • Sign up for average billing to smooth out the highs and lows of your electricity bill. With average billing, your bill is determined based on the last 12 months of energy usage at your address.
  • Sign up for enhanced AccountAlerts, a service that automatically alerts you via text message when your costs exceed a set amount and/or your daily usage jumps by 25%. 
  • Download the Reliant App to check your balance anytime and manage your account from your mobile device. 
  • Get a Heater Tune-Up to make sure your system is working properly and efficiently.
  • Read our other energy-saving tips to learn more about how to reduce your home energy usage and potentially your electricity bill.

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