Reliant Energy

Saving energy doesn't have
to mean major sacrifice.

We offer a variety of tools and tips to help you conserve energy and understand your electricity bill.

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Energy Saving Solutions

Take control of your electricity use with usage tools available through your online account, smart energy plans, programs that allow you to earn bill credits for saving electricity and products like smart thermostats and LED lights, designed to help you save energy.

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Green Living

Start making more sustainable choices with plans and special programs that support conservation and the development of wind and solar energy. In this section, you can also find helpful home and lifestyle tips for reducing your carbon footprint and living a more energy-efficient lifestyle. 

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Tips to Lower Your Electricity Bill

Save money on your electricity bill with a few small changes that really add up. We explain simple changes you can make to reduce the amount of energy used in your home, with tips for your appliances, AC, heating, lighting, landscaping, swimming pool and insulation as well as season-specific ideas that can make a big difference.

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Home Improvement Central

Make your home more energy efficient with these projects and tips. From small projects you can complete in minutes to larger weekend projects or major home renovations, we offer advice and guidance, all with the goal of reducing your home's energy consumption and potentially reducing your electricity bill.