Make a Simple Door Draft Stopper

Project difficulty: Easy

Time to complete: An hour (depending on your creativity level)

Materials needed: Measuring tape; fabric; pillow/polyester stuffing; rice or popcorn kernels; needle and thread, a sewing machine or fusible wet tape (fabric tape) if sewing isn't your thing

Most every home either has or has had exterior doors that manage to leak air through sneaky cracks and crevices. This not only wastes energy and potentially increases your utility or electric bill, but it makes your home less comfortable. There are several draft stoppers (aka door snakes, draft guards, draft busters, etc.) you can purchase for $10-$20, but why not take a little time to create a unique draft stopper that matches your personal style and home décor?

There is no shortage of DIY project ideas out there thanks to an abundance of resourceful home improvement and crafting websites, and this is one of the easiest and most likely to spark your creative spirit. You can even get the whole family involved in this DIY, with everyone decorating their own door draft stopper. Once you figure out the style you want to achieve, gather your materials and follow the steps below. Your home will be draft-free (and stylish) in no time. 

These instructions are our very simple version of this popular project.

  1. Measure the base of each door that has a draft. If you’re using fabric, cut it to the length of your door plus an inch for a seam and nine inches for width. 
  2. Iron the fabric before folding. 
  3. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise with the wrong side facing out. Pin the folded fabric together and then sew the long, pinned side together, leaving about a half-inch allowance. Be sure to back-stitch at both ends to strengthen the seam. You could use fabric tape instead if you choose.
  4. Once the long side of the fabric has been sewn, sew or tape one end shut (back-stitching both ends) and flip the fabric right side out.
  5. Insert stuffing into your stopper, and be sure to leave enough space to sew, glue or tape the stopper closed. Be sure you insert about half fluffy material such as polyester or pillow stuffing and half weighty material such as rice, beans or popcorn. This will ensure the draft stopper stays in place. 
  6. Close the final end with needle and thread, fabric glue or whatever you prefer.