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Reliant Community Solar Farms

Reliant Community Solar Farms

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What is a community solar farm?

A community solar farm is a large-scale photovoltaic system, usually ground-mounted on a parcel of land. The system’s solar arrays (solar panels) contain photovoltaic cells, which convert photons from sunlight into electricity. Solar arrays can either be fixed or can move to track the sun.

Direct current (DC) electricity flows from the solar array to an inverter, which converts DC power into alternating current (AC) power. This power then passes through a transformer and to the electric grid.

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How solar farms work

Thanks to community solar farms, consumers are able to support renewable, solar-generated power, without the need for solar panels on their own roof. Power that comes from solar farms is also ideal for apartment or condo renters who want to go solar.

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Solar farms in Texas

Solar farms can range greatly in land-parcel size and power-producing capacity. Reliant currently purchases renewable energy certificates from solar farms1 in Texas to meet the energy needs of our customers enrolled in the Reliant Local Solar Plan.2

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Local Solar plan

Support 100% locally sourced solar from farms in Houston and Dallas, without the need for rooftop panels.2

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What if something happens to the solar farm?

Even if a solar farm is impacted by a natural disaster, you’re still tied to the electric grid. You’ll continue to receive power as long as there is not a grid outage in your area.

Terms, conditions and other restrictions

1These solar farms are registered with ERCOT and the PUCT as Bovine Solar, LLC, and Eddy North Solar, LLC. 

2Plan available to new acquisition customers only. Plan transferability restrictions may apply if moving to a new location during your contract term. This offer may not be available in all areas and is subject to change without notice.