Your smart home with Reliant and Google Nest
Your smart home with Reliant and Google Nest
Your smart home with Reliant and Google Nest

Your smart home with Reliant and Google Nest

Your smart home with Reliant and Google Nest
Your smart home with Reliant and Google Nest

Your smart home with Reliant and Google Nest

Connect seamlessly to
the ways you use electricity

Reliant can help you save time and energy with Nest innovations, which can be yours at no additional cost.  With Reliant and Google Nest, you can make the most of your time and your energy. You’ll get the information you need, the efficiency you expect and the simplicity you deserve. How much control you take is up to you.

Control energy with Nest and Reliant

Nest Hub and Nest Mini are among the innovations with Reliant Action for Google Assistant. With a few simple voice commands, the Reliant Action for Google Assistant makes it easy to take control of your Reliant electricity account. Just start by saying, “Hey Google, ask Reliant …”1

  • How much electricity am I using?
  • When was my last payment?
  • When does my free weekend start?

Once you’ve set up the Reliant Action, you’re ready to start using voice commands.

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Save on select Nest products

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Save energy effortlessly

A Nest thermostat automatically learns your schedule and adjusts to your temperature preferences. Independent studies showed that a Nest thermostat saved people an average of 10% to 12% on heating and 15% on cooling.2

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Keep an eye on your electricity use

The Reliant Action for Google Assistant and Nest Hub work seamlessly together, so you can view customized snapshots of your weekly electricity use. Plus, you’ll see estimates of your expected electricity charges, which help you budget better.

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Efficiency and savings simplified

Check out the Clearly Connected plan. You’ll get a simple, locked-in energy price, plus a Nest Thermostat on us.

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Still looking for electricity?

Reliant has a wide variety of plans ready to fit your life and all the ways you use energy. You’ll find several that come with a Nest device at no additional cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Google Nest devices are voice-activated speakers with Google Assistant. Use Nest Hub or Nest Mini to manage your Reliant electricity account, control your Nest thermostat, tell you the current weather forecast, get hands-free help around the house and so much more.

Meet your Google Assistant. Ask it questions. Tell it to do things. It’s your own personal Google, always ready to help. For example, Google Assistant can tell you about your Reliant electricity usage or the current weather forecast. You can also control select connected home products and much more, all right from your phone or a Google Assistant-enabled device. Find out more at

Use your Google Assistant to talk to Reliant on your Nest Hub or Nest Mini, using only your voice. 

To connect to Reliant with Google Assistant, simply say, "Hey Google, talk to Reliant" to talk to Google Assistant on your Nest device. Once connected, you can ask questions about your Reliant account. You can also say, “Hey Google, ask Reliant” or "Hey Google, open Reliant."

You can ask about the following topics using the phrases below.

To hear about your account balance and bill details, ask:

  • "What is my account balance?"
  • "What's my bill?"
  • "When is my bill due?"
  • "When was my last payment?" 
  • "How much did I pay last time?" 

To hear about your usage, ask:

  • "How much electricity am I using?"
  • "What is my energy usage?"

For information about your current plan, ask:

  • "What plan am I on?"
  • "When is my contract up?"
  • "When does my plan expire?"

If you're on the Reliant Truly Free Weekends plan, ask:

  • "When does my free weekend start?" 
    If you ask this question and are enrolled in the Reliant Truly Free Weekends plan, Google Assistant will respond with, “Your free weekend starts at 8 p.m. Friday.” If you ask this question and are not enrolled in the Truly Free Weekends plan, Google Assistant will respond with, “Your current plan does not include free weekends. Contact Reliant for options and to see if you are eligible for the Truly Free Weekends plan.” 

  • You can also ask: "How much of my electricity is free?"

To get the Reliant customer service phone number, say:

  • "Call Reliant."
  • "What is your phone number?"

To be reminded about what you can ask through the Reliant Action, say:

  • "Help me."

To close your Reliant Action session, say:

  • "Stop."
  • "Bye, Reliant."

If you are enrolled in a Reliant electricity plan that comes with a no-cost Google Nest device, your Nest device will ship to your service address within one week after your next full payment has been credited to your account, provided you remain enrolled in the plan. You should receive a shipping notification email from Google Nest 6 weeks after your start date with Reliant. If you experience shipping issues, please contact Reliant.

Yes, this is a gift to you from Reliant.

We know that your information is important, and we appreciate your trust in us. Here’s where you can find complete Reliant and Google privacy policies. If you find a bug or vulnerability in our application, please email IT Security.

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