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Reliant Flextra Credits 12 plan

Get two of your highest-usage days a week for FREE and three $25 bill credits to use during the months you choose.

Fixed rate

Reliant Secure Advantage 24 plan

Straightfoward plan with a locked-in energy charge.

For renters

Reliant Apartment 12 plan

Designed exclusively for smaller spaces.

2 Months

Pricing Details

500 kWh
1,000 kWh
2,000 kWh

Early cancellation fee

Plan Features

Pricing Details

500 kWh
1,000 kWh
2,000 kWh

Early cancellation fee

*Average Price per kWh assumes noted usage per month and specific LP&L Delivery Charges (i.e., Residential Service or Residential Distributed Renewable Generation Service). For additional information regarding plan pricing and other terms, please see the Electricity Facts Label, on the Plan Details page. Price shown is for new customers only.
Why choose Reliant Energy instead of TXU Energy?
Why choose Reliant Energy instead of TXU Energy?
Why choose Reliant Energy instead of TXU Energy?

Why choose Reliant Energy instead of TXU Energy?

You may be considering TXU Energy, but here’s why you should choose Reliant.

Why choose Reliant Energy instead of TXU Energy?
Why choose Reliant Energy instead of TXU Energy?

Why choose Reliant Energy instead of TXU Energy?

You may be considering TXU Energy, but here’s why you should choose Reliant.

You may be considering TXU Energy as your electricity provider, but here’s why you should choose Reliant instead.

 With Reliant, you’ll get more than reliable electricity service. We make it easy to find a plan that matches your lifestyle and budget. Reliant also offers exclusive benefits, efficiency tools and innovations designed to make your life easier. Plus, we’re there for you with 24/7 phone and online support from customer care professionals. Join more than a million Texans who have already chosen Reliant.

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Reasons to choose Reliant

Pricing you can trust

What you see is what you get.
Enjoy simple, clear, up-front pricing and easy-to-understand billing.

Choose your term and perks

Electricity plans shouldn't be one size fits all. That's why we offer plenty of options in addition to our fixed-rate plans. Enjoy the freedom of a month-to-month plan, deposit-free prepaid plans, plans that give back to charities and even plans that come with cool perks, like a Google Nest thermostat or solar energy without the panels. The choice is totally yours.

Save energy and money

Reliant gives you a variety of industry-leading efficiency tools, including our standard-setting Weekly Summary Email, which keeps you informed of your usage.

Get help 24/7

With Reliant, you'll always know who to call for 24/7 customer support. We work with your schedule. So whether it's 2 a.m. or 2 p.m., you'll reach a real person who's ready to help.

Texas-sized strength
and stability

Since 2001, millions of Texans have trusted Reliant with their electricity service. Other retail providers may come and go. Reliant is here for the long haul.

Exclusive customer benefits

Switch to Reliant and enjoy discounts on Nest products, backup power and home protection plans. Plus, earn unlimited bill credits when you refer friends and family to Reliant.

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Desktop computer with Do More on the screen

Reliant has efficiency tools designed to help you save

Weekly Summary Email

Get summaries, not surprises, with our Weekly Summary Email. You'll get an estimate of your bill before it's due and tips to help you lower your energy usage.1



How about a text message that can help you budget better? Sign up for AccountAlerts and get personalized updates about your energy usage and bill.2


Reliant app

The power is in your hands with the Reliant app. Manage your electricity account, monitor your usage and control your Nest thermostat.



Enroll in AutoPay and your Reliant electricity bill can be paid automatically through your credit card or bank draft.


Average Monthly Billing

Extreme heat and cold are easier to handle with a more predictable monthly bill.3


Degrees of Difference

When electricity demand is high, the Degrees of Difference program will use your thermostat to help you conserve energy and potentially save you money.



Reliant has resources to help you shop for electricity

If you're shopping for a new plan, the first step is learning how to calculate your monthly usage. See steps on how to calculate your monthly usage below.

Step 1

If you're shopping for a new plan at your current home or apartment, start by gathering your usage for the past 12 months. You can usually find your usage on your paper bill, via email if you have paperless billing or by viewing your account usage history from your current provider.

Step 2

Take note of your highest and lowest months to see how your usage varies in low and peak seasons.

Step 3

Next, calculate your average by adding up your usage for all 12 months, then divide by 12.

Step 4

Now that you have an idea of what your monthly usage is, you are ready to shop for a plan that fits your usage needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Reliant Energy has a reputation for providing reliable customer service and great pricing on electricity plans. With a great reputation in Texas and impressive financial strength, residential and commercial customers can depend on Reliant Energy to be a competitive contender in the energy market for years to come. It’s why more than a million Texans count on us.

Free nights or free weekends can be a great way to help save money on your electricity bill. While free nights or free weekends aren’t for everyone, they are an excellent option for those who spend most of their time during the weekends at home and spend most of their time out of the home during the day Monday – Friday. If you use the most electricity during nights and on weekends, free nights or free weekends could help you save money on your bill.

Reliant Energy continuously offers competitive rates and customizable plans to new customers. If you’re considering switching from TXU to Reliant, visit our electricity plans to see if we can help you save money on your electricity bill. In addition to our plan prices, our website and app include features to help you save on your bill.

Count on Reliant to power you with affordable electricity. Offering month-to-month energy plans, long-term contracts, short-term contracts, fixed and variable plans, or plans that allow you to pre-pay for electricity, we understand that you want to find the best plan for your lifestyle and interests. As a Reliant customer, you'll get 24/7 help when you contact a call center agent. Easily pay your bills online and monitor your account using the Reliant app. Reliant customers can also sign up for our Degrees of Difference program where you can earn credits toward your bill by reducing your usage during high electricity demand.

  1. Review your current contract to determine if there is an early termination fee for switching providers. You can find this information in your terms and conditions on your contract.
  2. Shop around and compare electricity companies. In addition to pricing, make sure to consider any additional benefits that the provider offers. Reliant Energy offers many efficiency and savings tools to help you save on your electricity bill.
  3. Talk to your new service provider to ensure you’re aware of any deposit or credit checks needed to start service. Sign up and confirm your service with your new electricity provider.

1Projected bill not available for prepaid customers. Must be a Reliant residential customer with a Texas service address and a smart meter. The billing and usage information provided in the Reliant Weekly Summary Email (WSE) is an estimate and includes only your electricity charges and taxes. Your monthly bill provides your official usage as determined by your local electric utility, as well as the total bill amount due. If you are on an indexed plan, you will not see cost information in your WSE, as prices are determined on the last day of each bill cycle. If you change to an incompatible plan or terminate your service with Reliant, you will no longer receive your WSE. Reliant reserves the right to discontinue the WSE without notice. You may also request to cancel your WSE by calling 1-866-872-6644.

2Customers must have already opted in to receive alerts via text from the Contact Preferences page on the Account Management dashboard. Available only to customers with a smart meter. Message and data rates may apply. For Terms and Conditions, go to reliant.com/etrm.

3If there is no previous usage in your name at the service address, or you do not have 12 months of usage at the service address, we will take the previous usage at that service address and apply your current price to calculate your average monthly amount and then subtract or add 1/12 of your deferred balance. The deferred balance amount is the cumulative difference between your monthly Average Monthly Billing amount and what you would owe if you were not signed up for Average Monthly Billing. The deferred balance amount can be found on your monthly bill. If the bill amount is positive, 1/12 will be added to your bill. If the bill amount is negative, 1/12 will be subtracted from your bill. If you’re a new Average Monthly Billing customer, the deferred balance will begin in the second month. Deferred balance must be paid in full if you cancel Average Monthly Billing or change electricity providers.