NRG How to Sign Up with Reliant

How to Sign Up with Reliant

It takes only a few steps to sign up for electricity with Reliant. Take some time to check out our plans, and then have your service address and personal ID on hand to complete our online sign up form. The process to make sure your electricity starts when you need it to is easy.

Learn about our plans

Whether you want a month-to-month plan with no long-term contract or a plan that locks in a low price for a year or more, we have options for you. Some plans feature free weekends or special rewards. Find the right one for you.

Our electricity plans

Find your plan and sign up

1.     Find plans in your area

Enter your zip code to find a list of plans available. Use your full address for even more accurate results.

2.     Select your monthly usage

Plan prices are based on average monthly usage. The price of many plans varies depending on how much electricity you use each month. To find the most accurate price you'll be paying, check a few recent electric bills to see how many kWh you use on average each month.

On the page where the available plans are listed, look at the monthly usage selector in the upper right corner of the screen (pictured below). Select the amount that most closely matches what you normally use. Remember that your usage during mild temperature seasons like spring or fall will probably be lower than in summer or winter. 

Monthly Usage Selector Screenshot

3.     Compare plan details

After you enter your zip code, you will see up to four featured plans. You can compare prices right there, but the best way to compare plans in detail is to select View More Plans Screenshot at the bottom of the page. Once you click that button, the list of plans gets longer, and you have an option to "Add to compare" on the right side of the screen for each plan.

Add to Compare Screenshot

You can compare up to three plans by checking the "Add to compare" checkboxes and then clicking "Compare plans" in the top left of the screen.

Show Compare Plans Screenshot

If you know you want month-to-month plans, longer term contracts, renewable plans or plans that include a bonus offer, you can choose to see only that type of plan by choosing the relevant type of plan in the upper left drop-down menu. 

Some of the plan features you can compare are:

  • Monthly estimate — We calculate what you may pay each month based on usage, the price of the plan and TDSP (transmission and distribution service provider) charges. Taxes and fees are not included in the estimate.
  • Average price — The current average price of the plan. Prices on plans with a "fixed" rate type can only change to reflect regulatory changes, but the price of plans with a "variable" rate type may vary month to month.
  • Term — How long your contract with Reliant will last. You will lock in a price for the length of the term and may be subject to a cancellation fee if you end service with Reliant before your term ends.
  • Rate type — A plan may have a "fixed" rate or a "variable" rate. Fixed rates stay the same for the length of your term, and variable rates can change month-to-month. For more on rate types, read our Choosing an Electricity Plan page.
  • Bonus — This explains any special offers included with your plan, such as gift cards, free months of electricity, bill credits, charitable donations, airline miles or sports memorabilia. 
  • Early cancellation fee — The amount you will need to pay if you end your Reliant service before your contract term ends.

4.     Sign up for a plan

When you've decided on a plan you want, click Sign Up next to the plan name to begin the enrollment process. To sign up, you will need the following:

  • Your social security or driver's license number
  • The address where you will be requesting service
  • The date when you want service to start

5.     Finish up the process

Most people complete the enrollment process successfully and are able to immediately create an online profile to start managing their account. However, if we have trouble verifying your identity, you may need to supply additional documentation. Depending on your credit score, you may be required to pay a deposit before service can start.

To make sure your service is started on time, send the documentation and/or your deposit as soon as possible. If we need additional information, we will notify you during the process and by email.

For detailed instructions to help you send in any additional information, read more about our service start requirements.