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  • New Occupant Confirmation

    Thank you for choosing Reliant as your retail electric provider. To process your request for electricity service at your new address, your Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (TDSP) requires us to confirm that you are a new occupant. Please note that your request will remain on hold until we receive two required documents of confirmation from you:

    1. New Occupant Confirmation form. You must include the ESID number for your service address on this form (see the FAQs at the bottom of this page).
    2. A photocopy of one of the following forms of additional documentation:
    • Signed Lease – showing date of occupancy with signatures
    • Affidavit of Landlord – must be notarized

    If you are requesting service as a landlord or on behalf of the apartment complex, please complete the Affidavit of Landlord form.

    To activate the Continuous Service Agreement for a vacant service address, please complete the Continuous Service Agreement form.

    • Closing documents – showing date of sale with signatures
    • Utility bill – gas, electric or water bill from a different residence, in your name, dated within the last two months
    • Other comparable document establishing residency, subject to approval by your TDSP, for example, a certificate of occupancy

    Please note that the name on the additional documentation provided must match the name and signature on the New Occupant Confirmation Form.

    To ensure a quick response, we recommend submitting your information via email or fax. Mail deliveries will take longer to process.


    Download, complete and scan the New Occupant Confirmation Form and email it to: reliantconfirmation@reliant.com (.pdf, .jpg or .doc formats only)


    1-877-245-2427 or 832-584-2500


    Attn: New Occupant Confirmation
    P.O. Box 3765
    Houston, TX 77002

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