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  • Account Management FAQs

    • Enter your account number or personal information on our registration page — it takes just a few minutes, it's absolutely free, and it's totally secure.
    • Yes, you can change your billing address and other information by logging in and clicking on My Profile. This will take you to your Profile Settings page, where you can go to the Billing Information section and click Update or Edit. Your billing address is what we use as your mailing address. It can be different from your service address, where you are getting electricity. Changing your billing address will change where we mail your bill; it will not change where you are getting electricity service.
    • Log in and go to the Plan section. The My Plan page displays high-level details about your current plan. You can open the Electricity Facts Label document to read the specifics about the name and rates associated with your current electricity plan.
    • Your ESID (electric service identifier) is a unique 17- or 22-digit number given to an electricity delivery point in the ERCOT market. In other words, it is a long number typically used to identify your electric meter. You may also see it written as ESI I.D.

      This number is often visible on your meter, but it also appears on your electric bill and in your online Reliant account. To find your ESID online:

      • Log in to your account.
      • Go to your Plan page by clicking Plan in the top menu. 
      • Your ESID is listed under the name of your plan.

      ESID Online Account Location

      On your bill, your ESID is located in the second Account Information section, usually on page 2. It should be on the left, next to your name.

      ESID On Bill

    • After you log in, go to My Profile, where you can change your email address and other contact preferences.
    • To change the name associated with your account, you must call 1-866-RELIANT. You cannot make this change online. 

      For legal name changes due to marriage or divorce, you will need to provide a driver's license or social security number. Customers changing their names for reasons other than marital status may need to re-enroll in a plan or provide additional documentation.

      If you are transferring your account to another person, we will have to cancel the current account and enroll the new account holder in a plan. Depending on the credit history of the new account holder, a deposit may be required.
    • To authorize Reliant to discuss your confidential account information with an individual other than you or your spouse, please download the Account Access Authorization form (PDF); then complete and return the form using the included instructions.
    • An account can only be included in one online profile, and only the person who has that profile's username and password has the authority to manage that account.
    • Yes, you can access the same account using the same username and password.
    • Select My Profile from the top navigation, then click the "Update online access" link under "Electricity Accounts." On the next screen, you'll be able to add the new account to your online profile.
    • Different service addresses are presented separately. To see your other accounts, look at the top of your account dashboard or at the top of the My Plan or Current Plan page. Click "Change Account." Then you can select the account you want to view.

      If you do not see the account you want, you can add an account on the Add or Remove Account page in your profile settings. (There is also a link to this page at the top of your dashboard.) You can look up the account you want to add using the account number or your personal information.
    • The information on old accounts continues to show up until the account is removed from the profile. To remove it, go to My Profile and click the "Update online access" link under "Electricity Accounts." Then click the "Remove from online access" link next to the account you'd like to delete.
    • For users with a mix of residential and business accounts, the residential account(s) always appear by default upon logging on. You can remove your home account from this profile and enroll it in a new profile—with a different username/password—if you want the business accounts to be given priority.
    • We offer a range of plans so you can choose the one that's right for you, potentially lowering the amount you pay for electricity. To see if you're eligible to switch, log in and visit the Renew or Change Plan page in the Plan section.
    • To cancel your service, please visit cancel service page or call 1-866-222-7100. Early cancellation fees may apply until you receive your Contract Expiration Notice. For information specific to your plan, visit the My Plan page in the Plan section of your online account, where you can download your Electricity Facts Label and Terms of Service.
    • If you need Reliant to provide a Letter of Credit, please contact the call center at 1-866-222-7100.

    Canceling Your Plan FAQs

    • To cancel your service, please visit cancel service page or call 1-866-222-7100. Early cancellation fees may apply until you receive your Contract Expiration Notice. For information specific to your plan, visit the My Plan page in the Plan section of your online account, where you can download your Electricity Facts Label and Terms of Service.

    Moving/Transferring Service FAQs

    • Flexible Move-In can get you same-day electricity service or lets you schedule your new connection up to 60 days in advance.*
      *Requests processed after 5:00 p.m. Central Time will be connected the next business day. Same-day service is offered Monday through Saturday, weather permitting, where an existing meter is in place. No connections on holidays. Enrollment and permit requirements must be met before a request can be processed. Additional charges apply.
    • No. The transfer process allows you to retain the same Reliant contract account number; therefore, once the transfer is completed, your new address information will automatically show up when you log in to your account at reliant.com.
    • If you are signed up for average billing, you will not be able to set up average billing for your new address until the final bill for your old address has been paid. Once you have paid your final bill, residential customers can call 713-207-7777 or 1-866-222-7100 and business customers can call 713-207-5555 or 1-866-660-4900 to check eligibility and set up average billing for your new address. Paperless billing and AutoPay will transfer to your new address automatically.

    • In most circumstances your deposit will transfer to your new address.

    • If you are on the LITE-UP Texas program and move from one address to another, you must notify your benefits agency (e.g. Medicaid, SSI, etc.). Failure to do so will result in Reliant late fees being billed to you, if applicable, and you might not receive summer discounts.
    • Yes. Log in to your account to view the status of your move-in and move-out requests on your dashboard.
    • Your local utility company will charge a move-in fee to establish electric service in your name at the new address. This fee will appear on your first bill. Depending on your new location, a permit may also be required, which may involve additional fees. You will also be responsible for paying any remaining balance on your Reliant account that is associated with your current address.
    • Because several factors can affect the utility company's ability to start or stop your service — for example, your meter may be physically inaccessible — we cannot guarantee the date you select. You can check the status of your transfer by logging in to your account at reliant.com.

      You are still responsible for all electricity consumed until your service is stopped. Therefore, you may want to turn off all appliances upon moving out to avoid incurring further charges.

    • No, your stop and start dates do not have to be the same. However, if there is a gap between the two, you should pay the deposit at the new address to avoid late fees and a possible disconnection. The deposit for the new address will appear as a charge on the first bill at your new address, and the credit for the deposit at your existing address will appear on your final bill after the move-out is completed.
    • You will still need to submit a transfer request so that we can establish service in your name. Otherwise, the electricity can be turned off at any time based on the previous customer's move-out request, and you will be without power for one to three business days.
    • Your bill will vary depending on how much electricity you use, the plan you are on, the weather, the energy efficiency of your home and many other factors. However, you can see what the average electric bill has been in past months according to your address using the Reliant Bill Estimator.*

      *Estimates are based on average consumption by comparable dwellings in the same area and are not are not exact predictors. Your electricity bills may vary. The Reliant Bill Estimator should be used for informational purposes only.

    • Because several factors can affect our ability to start your service — for example, your meter may be physically inaccessible or a permit may be required — we cannot guarantee the transfer date you select. You can check the status of your transfer by logging in to your account at reliant.com.
    • Your local utility company will have to take a meter reading for your service to begin. To avoid delays in processing your request, we ask you to ensure that the meter will be completely accessible on this date. This includes making sure there are no locked gates or overgrown foliage hindering access to the meter.
    • Yes, your historical information will continue to appear in your online profile even if the service address is no longer receiving electricity. You can remove your old account via the My Profile page when you no longer need access to this information.
    • Please call us at 713-207-7777 or 1-866-222-7100 to request a move-out.
    • Online: If you're moving within the Reliant service area, you may be able to request a transfer using our convenient online process; all you need is your new service address and your desired service start and stop dates. 

      By phone: We can help you transfer your service in a matter of minutes at 713-207-7777 or 1-866-222-7100. 

    • Give us a call right away at 1-866-222-7100 with the correct service address. Failure to do so could cause a delay in your service start date.

    • Not all parts of the Home Energy Checkup are available to all customers. The Home Energy Snapshot is available to all Reliant residential customers living in single-family homes that have been powered by Reliant for at least 12 concurrent months. An in-home consultation is available to Reliant residential customers in single-family homes in the Houston and Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex areas.

    Usage Management FAQs

    • In the Projected Bill section of the My Account page, you can enter a dollar amount to set as your budget. By doing that, you can track where you are relative to your budget, and receive an email alert when your estimated cost-to-date exceeds your budget. To enter a new budget amount, simply type over the current budget amount and then click Set to save it.
    • Email alerts help you stay informed about your electricity account. We offer three email alerts you can sign up for in your online account. You can choose to be notified when:
      • Your estimated electricity bill exceeds a budgeted amount you set
      • Your daily usage exceeds a specified amount you set
      • Your electricity bill is due
    • If for some reason we receive incomplete data from your local utility, we will estimate your electricity usage for missing time frames using multi-day averages of historical data from your meter. These estimates can be used for the charts or other information presented.
    • "Other" accounts for several household appliances and electronics, but not your refrigerator or your HVAC unit. The items under "Other" include:

      • Lighting (interior and exterior)
      • Electronics (TV, game systems, stereo, computer)
      • Fans (ceiling, room)
      • Washer and dryer
      • Kitchen appliances (ovens/stove top, microwave, dishwasher)
      • Water heater (if electric)
    • Your monthly bill and amount due will reflect the actual usage data we receive from your local utility company. Several variables affect why your projected bill amount in Account Management may not match your actual bill and usage. There are times when we are missing specific usage data from your local utility company. When this happens, we will estimate your usage shown in charts and projected bill amounts based on multi-day averages of historical data from your meter. It's important to remember that your projected bill amount is simply an estimate, and won't include any non-recurring charges or days when you use significantly more or less electricity than you have historically. Additionally, the monthly meter read cycle may vary by a day or two, and the projected bill on your account uses an estimated meter read date.
    • Usage information will work for any customer with a smart meter. Most analog meters in Texas were replaced with smart meters a few years ago. The new technology in smart meters captures usage information in 15-minute intervals and transmits it to the utility company. Once Reliant receives the data from the utility company (often 24 hours after it is initially collected), we can format it and present it to you in your online account.
    • Seeing your cost information by day, week and month provides you with better insight into how you use electricity. You can identify times of increased electricity consumption and be better prepared to reduce your usage in the future. We also provide daily temperature data aligned with consumption data so you can see the impact of the weather on your usage.
    • Your daily cost includes all charges, taxes and fees.
    • The "Average Home" amount is the average usage of 20-100 homes similar to yours according to location, age, type (single-family/multi-family), heating source (gas/electric) and presence of a swimming pool. The "Efficient Home" amount is the average usage of the most efficient 20% of those homes similar to yours. If your usage is higher than you would like, you could try some of our energy-saving tips to lower your bill or a home improvement project designed to reduce your electricity usage.
    • Your local utility company collects your smart meter data, and we receive this data no sooner than 24 hours after it's gathered. As a result, usage information is delayed.
    • Yes. You will still be able to view usage information in your online account; however, the information may be inexact due to the way price changes occur with variable rate products. If a price change occurs, the projected bill amount will reflect the previous month's price, not the current price. If prices remain the same, the projected bill information will be accurate.
    • Because we receive frequent usage information from your smart meter, we're able to estimate your monthly bill amount. Although this projection is an estimate and won't include non-recurring charges, it will still give you a better idea of where you're headed so you can avoid surprises on your bill. You'll also be able to compare this month's bill with last month's to see if your usage has changed.
    • Because air conditioning typically has the largest impact on your electricity usage in Texas (approximately 60%), showing the daily temperature in conjunction with your usage enables you to visualize the correlation. This helpful insight will also allow you to make changes to your electricity usage habits.
    • Green Button is a new government initiative that gives companies like Reliant a way to simplify and standardize sharing electricity usage data with customers via a one-click download. We’re pleased to be one of the first electricity providers in Texas to offer Green Button — empowering you to become a more active participant in your electricity usage.

    • If you are having difficulties opening the XML file, save it to your computer and open the file using Excel.

    • Green Button allows you to download your electricity usage data in a consumer-friendly format that you can store on your computer. You can use your data to better manage and track your usage and electricity costs
    • Yes. To download your data, you must be logged into Account Management. The Account Management tool uses the latest data encryption technology.
    • No. As part of our commitment to maintaining customer privacy, we will never deliver your usage information to a third party. You can only download your electricity usage data using your Reliant username and password.