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We'll be here for you when the storm subsides. 

You may know us for our electricity plans, but we also offer home repair services, backup generators and home monitoring services.


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We can take care of many post-storm issues.

  • Our technicians can also fix damaged gas lines, including any connections to a backup generator if you have one.
  • Your backup generator should be inspected and tuned up after a major storm. We are licensed to perform generator inspections and repairs.
  • We can inspect your HVAC system to make sure no harmful debris has collected and that the airflow and sensors are operating correctly.
  • If you were flooded and lost power, one of our electricians should inspect your home and wiring.

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Goal Zero Portable Battery Power

If you want battery power you can take anywhere, consider battery- and solar-powered generators and chargers from our sister company, Goal Zero®.1

Goal Zero Yeti Home Services Storm

The Goal Zero Yeti Portable Power Station uses battery power to fuel essential appliances, like your refrigerator, and electronics. It can be charged through an outlet or with a solar panel. The Yeti comes in different sizes and battery capacities — from 150 Wh to 1425 Wh. Plus, it's easy to move.

Goal Zero Sherpa

The Goal Zero Sherpa Power Pack offers medium charging capabilities in a small, lightweight package. With a 58 Wh model and a 98 Wh model, it gives you the right amount of charging power for all your small devices and electronics when your on the move. It can be charged through an outlet or solar panel.

Goal Zero power solutions

Home Security by Reliant

If you've been thinking how comforting it would be to monitor your home even when you have to be away, check out Security by Reliant.2 Our security packages include 24/7 security monitoring along with advanced security equipment, including video cameras you can monitor from your mobile device.

Our cameras can record video clips when motion-activated, or you can use the Reliant Connect app to view live streaming video at any time. 

Our security control features a cellular connection, so it will not power down if damaged and will not switch off in a power outage. 

Knowing your home is safe can help you evacuate early and still keep an eye on your home.

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In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, your home may require significant repairs. Please enter a service request, and we will contact you as soon as possible. Stay safe!

Tips for your home

Getting your home back on track after a major storm can be overwhelming and confusing. Follow these tips to avoid further damage.

During a storm

  • If you lose power or notice the power switching on and off, unplug appliances to avoid damage from a power surge. This includes your HVAC unit. Turn your AC off until after power returns.
  • Never use a generator indoors or in a garage. Generator exhaust fumes contain carbon monoxide and can be deadly. Keep a portable generator at least 10 feet from your home.
  • When it's time to refill your generator with gasoline, turn it off and let it cool first. Otherwise, the gasoline can catch fire.

After a storm

  • If water rose above your home's power outlets, they may still have water in them. After the power comes back on, wait until your home has time to dry, and be careful when plugging anything back in.
  • When the power returns, do not start all appliances at once. Wait 5-10 minutes, and then turn them on one-by-one.
  • Do not use appliances if they are wet or damaged.
  • If you received heavy damage, do not turn on your AC. The system may have collected debris that could do further damage. Have the airflow and sensors inspected before switching your HVAC on.
  • Once your AC is safe, turn it on to prevent mold growth in the ducts.
  • If you see downed power lines when you return home, call your transmission and distribution service provider (TDSP).

Backup generators

If you are safe and thinking about how you can prepare for the next storm, we offer top-of-the-line backup generators from Generac® , KOHLER® and Briggs & Stratton®.3 These systems typically connect to your gas line and will automatically switch on when the power goes out. 

Generac Generator
Briggs Services Storm Image

We offer everything from 10kw systems that can power 1,500 ft2 homes to 22kW systems that can power 5,000 ft2 homes.

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