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Gas vs. electric heating systems in Houston

When deciding on a new central heating system for your home, Texas homeowners will have to choose between gas and electric heating systems.

Gas vs. electric heating systems in Houston

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When deciding on a new central heating system for your home, Texas homeowners will have to choose between gas and electric heating systems.

On a national level, most homes rely on propane or natural gas for their primary heating needs.1 But here in Texas, it’s a pretty even split between electric and gas. In fact, over half of Texas homes use electric heat!2

While there are pros and cons to both of these types of residential heating systems, the best option will largely depend on:

  1. the size of your home
  2. the pricing and availability of utilities, and
  3. your total household heating needs.

Still, there are some things to consider when deciding between a gas and electric heating system. Reliant offers both kinds of systems, whichever you choose. Our experts can help in guiding your system choice. Call us to discuss your heating system installation at 1-855-457-5700.

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Making a case for a Gas Furnace or Boiler

Many Texas homeowners use natural gas for their household heating needs, and there is a good reason for that.

Speed of warmth

Gas furnaces or boilers tend to heat your home much more quickly than if you were using electricity. If you return to a cold house after a lengthy vacation, a gas furnace or boiler can heat your home in a short amount of time. That’s because a furnace can produce maximum heat as soon as the burners are turned on. By comparison, electric heating systems take time to achieve maximum heating capacity.

Combine with household luxuries

Many people love the idea of a roaring fire in the winter, but don’t like to have to procure chopped wood or constantly kindle the flame. A gas fireplace is a great solution. Also, many home chefs love to cook with gas stoves, since it heats pots and pans quickly and evenly. Installing a furnace or boiler that runs on natural gas makes it simple to add on these luxury touches to your home.

Heat production

Gas heaters can produce more heat in the same amount of time when compared to electric heaters. Homes that have good insulation can use a gas heating system to warm the house quickly and then shut off the heater while your home holds the heat.

Operate at low temperatures

No matter how cold it gets in Texas, your gas boiler or furnace will be able to operate. Heating systems that are driven by electricity, such as heat pumps, typically have a low-temperature cutoff and lose efficiency as the outdoor air gets colder.

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Why choose electric heat?

There are also advantages to electric heating, including:

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The main benefit of electrical heating systems is that they are 100% efficient. That means 100% of the electricity used becomes heat. Even the most efficient gas furnaces will burn excess gas while producing heat, which results in lost efficiency.

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Simplify your bills

One less bill means one less thing to remember. Regardless of whether you choose electricity or gas for your heating system, you will still have an electricity bill for other devices in your home. It can be helpful to consolidate, and only have one utility payment each month.

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Opportunity for zoning

You can use electric heating systems to zone your house. For example, you can use small space heaters only in the rooms that require heat. Alternatively, ductless HVAC gives homeowners a temperature setpoint in every room. Zoning significantly improves personal comfort, especially on cold winter days.

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Compatibility with renewable systems

Because of our endless sunny days, many Houston homeowners have an interest in using solar panels on their homes. In this case, electric heating systems can be the best bet. That’s because electric heating systems can accommodate a connected energy storage battery. Gas heating systems don’t integrate with electricity-generating systems.

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Gas vs. Electric Heating: What’s the verdict?

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide which type of heating system makes the most sense for your home. Both types of systems will require annual maintenance and heating tune-ups. The experienced technicians at Reliant handle every kind of system day in and day out and would be happy to discuss further to help guide you. Call us today at 1-855-457-5700. to schedule a visit from one of our home heating specialists to find the best heating system for your household.

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