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Financing a new HVAC system in Houston

Heating and cooling systems keep our home comfortable, no matter the outdoor temperature.

Financing a new HVAC system in Houston

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Heating and cooling systems keep our home comfortable, no matter the outdoor temperature.

It’s nice to feel warm and cozy during those frigid winter months. And in the summer, it’s a relief to walk into a cool home on those triple-digit days. So when your heating or cooling system finally goes kaput, it’s essential to get it replaced as soon as possible even if you didn’t plan for the expense. That’s why we offer HVAC financing to our AC & Heat by Reliant customers.

How much does a new HVAC system cost?

There are several different types, sizes, and efficiency ratings of furnaces and air conditioning units on the market today. As a result, pricing can fluctuate greatly depending on the exact system you need.1 Our replacement quotes are customized to your individual home.

Keep in mind that the features you choose will impact your system cost. You can choose the most affordable option available, but in the long-run, it may cost you more. Here are just a few things to consider:

  • Efficiency

    Selecting a system that has a higher SEER rating is an excellent long-term investment. Overall, your energy bills will be lower for the entire time you own the system. If you could save 30% on your cooling energy bill for the next 15 years, would you do it? A 14-SEER system is the absolute minimum efficiency rating available, but choosing something closer to 20-SEER will reap you significant savings every month.

  • Lifespan

    Not all HVAC units are built the same. Before you buy, do some research to find the most reputable brands of heating and cooling equipment. AC & Heat by Reliant only sells equipment from top-rated manufacturers. If you choose to go with a brand that’s less reliable, you could be replacing your AC much sooner.

  • Installation Quality

    A sound install will go a long way to preventing repairs five years down the road, like refrigerant leaks. In fact, the quality of the initial installation is critical in the total cost of ownership for your system. You are better off working with reputable technicians with years of experience, like the ones at AC & Heat by Reliant.

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Why should I consider HVAC financing?

HVAC financing is an excellent option for all homeowners looking at installing a new heating or cooling system. Low monthly payments allow Houston homeowners to reduce financial stress. When you have financing, you don’t have to worry about how you’ll pay for your HVAC system. You can get the work done, and make small monthly payments rather than one lump sum.

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AC & Heat by Reliant offers flexible financing options with approved credit, including 0% APR financing. That means that you have nothing to lose by utilizing HVAC financing; your HVAC installation will cost precisely the same whether you pay for it all upfront or over time. This way, you have more flexibility in managing your overall household budget.

Another reason to consider financing is to invest in a more energy-efficient system. Under normal circumstances, you may only be able to afford the lowest-cost, least energy-efficient unit. A more energy-efficient system is the better choice to reduce your monthly energy bills and for environmental reasons. Since HVAC financing breaks the cost into low monthly payments, you’ll be able to afford the upgrade to the system you genuinely need for your home.

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What if I have bad credit?

AC & Heat by Reliant also offers second-chance financing, thus allowing homeowners who are unable to obtain standard credit to finance their new air conditioner or heater. Even if you have bad credit, you will likely be able to qualify for our second-chance financing program.

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HVAC Financing from AC & Heat by Reliant

AC & Heat by Reliant understands that not everyone has the same financial situation. For that reason, we offer a wide variety of heating and cooling financing options. Ultimately, the details of your HVAC financing will be completely unique and custom to you. Call 1-855-457-5700 to schedule an appointment with one of our experts today. We’d be happy to discuss our financing options with you during our visit.

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