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Energy efficiency for Houston homeowners

There’s a good reason to prioritize energy efficiency in your Houston home.

Energy efficiency for Houston homeowners

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There’s a good reason to prioritize energy efficiency in your Houston home.

Americans spend more than $29 billion every year on electricity to cool their homes with air conditioning.1 Here in Texas, the average electricity bill is around $1,800 per year.2 Texans are among the states with the highest energy usage! Plus, all of that energy consumption contributes to a bigger carbon footprint.

So whether you’re concerned about your energy bills or wish to be a better steward of our environmental resources, reducing your energy usage is the solution. In the past, cutting back on energy use could mean a big sacrifice in quality of life. But with new technology, you can improve the energy efficiency of your home without sacrificing household comfort.

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Get the most return for energy efficiency efforts

When it comes to energy efficiency, a lot of people think of turning off the lights or unplugging equipment. While lighting and auxiliary devices do draw electricity, the amount is very small in comparison to the usage of your air conditioning and heating system. In fact, HVAC systems make up 40% of your total energy bill. Looking for ways to improve the energy efficiency of your heating and cooling system will give you the biggest return.

How to Reduce Air Conditioning Usage

Use blinds and curtains

Curtains and shades can prevent heat buildup in the summer, or heat from escaping in the winter. By using a window cover, your HVAC won’t have to compensate for that added load.

Open windows

On breezy days with nice weather, opening your windows can be a great way to keep your home comfortable and infuse your house with clean, fresh air. Just remember to turn your heating and cooling system off to get the energy benefits!

Change your setpoint

Many people think that there is a magic temperature that they always feel most comfortable. Challenge your assumptions and try adjusting the temperature by one or two degrees and see how you feel. Setting your thermostat back by even one degree will make a difference in your energy bills and carbon footprint.

Install Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can make a room feel up to four degrees cooler. Remember that you’ll only get the benefits from ceiling fans in the room, so be sure to turn them off when you leave the space.3

Use the Auto feature

Set your AC to the "auto" rather than the "on" setting. Using the "on" setting can increase energy costs and make the AC work harder to maintain your desired temperature.

Regular maintenance improves energy efficiency

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Schedule regular maintenance

Every year, schedule an AC tune-up in the spring and a heating tune-up in the fall. Tune-ups are essential to prevent breakdowns and ensure your system performs at its very best. That ensures you’re getting the maximum energy efficiency from your heating and cooling system.

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Replace air filters

Changing your air filters only takes a few minutes and can make a big difference in the amount of energy required for your AC to function properly. Dirty air filters make your AC work harder than it should and reduce airflow. To make things simple for you, Reliant offers a filter delivery program that sends filters right to your door at the right intervals.

Reliant Tech showing weatherization techniques

Weatherize your home

If your home has open seals or air leaks, your heating and cooling system must work harder to compensate for the energy loss. Sealing up open cracks in windows and doors is often a simple DIY project.

Harness the power of your thermostat

  • Programmable thermostat

    After installing a programmable thermostat, many homeowners fail to take full advantage. Review the programs you have set up every 3-4 months to align it with your current schedule.

  • Learning thermostat

    Upgrade to a smart thermostat that will learn your schedule and automatically make temperature adjustments to conserve energy.

  • Follow the "four-by-four" principle4

    Set your thermostat four degrees higher when you're away from home for more than four hours to reduce electricity usage and costs.

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Replace your heating and cooling equipment with high-efficiency products

The very best way to improve your home’s energy efficiency is to replace your dated equipment with modern, high-quality heating and cooling systems.

When it’s time to replace, look for cooling equipment with high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ration (SEER) ratings. Think of SEER like miles per gallon on a car; the higher the rating, the more efficient your equipment will be. You can find SEERs from 14 on the low end, all the way to 40 and higher. For furnaces, look for the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating. High-performing furnaces will have an AFUE of 90% or above.

When it comes time to replace your existing system, there are many different system types and options to consider. The HVAC experts at Reliant can help guide you on purchasing a new air conditioner or furnace. Plus, we offer financing for HVAC installations so that you can break up your purchase into a small monthly payment. Call us today at 1-855-457-5700 to schedule a visit from one of our professional service technicians. We can help you with the purchase and installation of a new heating and cooling system while keeping energy efficiency top-of-mind.

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