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AC tune-up for homes in Houston

Responsible homeowners know this all-important tip: It’s easier to keep up than to catch up.

AC tune-up for homes in Houston

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Responsible homeowners know this all-important tip: It’s easier to keep up than to catch up.

In other words, scheduling annual maintenance for your air conditioner is easier than dealing with a breakdown and getting a last-minute, costly repair. Getting a tune-up for your AC every year is a simple way to protect your investment and prevent unnecessary stress on your family.

The truth is, we tend not to think much about appliances in our home until they stop working. We take for granted the comforts and conveniences in modern-day homes. Most people wouldn’t be able to keep cool during a scorching 100-degree day if it weren’t for the steady functioning of their air conditioner.

As with almost everything, proper maintenance and upkeep are necessary to keep your air conditioner functioning optimally. With those triple-digit summer temperatures, getting an AC tune-up is one of the best things you can do to make sure your air conditioner can take the summer heat.

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The Value of an AC Tune-Up

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Lower energy bills

In Texas, air conditioners account for 18 percent of your total energy costs.1 Without proper maintenance, AC units use more energy to do the same amount of cooling. When you have your AC serviced annually, your system will be at its healthiest and will run most efficiently.

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Increased life span

The average lifespan of an air conditioning system can be as long as 20 years, but most systems start failing in the early teens. Why? A lack of proper maintenance. You can make your investment last longer with annual tune-ups.

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Detailed service

AC systems are intricate pieces of mechanical equipment. While replacing your filter is an easy DIY task, a full tune-up is best left to the professionals. Certified technicians, like the ones at Reliant, will know how to service your equipment safely while maximizing the performance of the system.

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Awareness of potential future problems

When a professional services your air conditioning system, they’ll take a look at any system and parts that could cause you future problems. Replacing worn parts before they fail will be much cheaper, and, you can schedule the repair on your terms.

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What is checked during an AC tune-up?

If you’ve never had your AC system scheduled for a tune-up, you might be curious about what exactly is included. First, your scheduled tune-up includes two air conditioning systems. If your home has two thermostats, you probably have two cooling systems. At Reliant, our affordable tune-up pricing covers both of your air conditioning systems.

Our background-checked technicians at Reliant will perform several different tasks during regular maintenance visits. Our multi-point tune-up includes:

  • We’ll check all electrical components for stable connections, adequate amperage draw, and that all capacitors and relays are in good condition.
  • Our technicians will look at all moving parts and lubricate where necessary
  • Inspection of the fan and motor including an assessment of the airflow
  • Visual inspection of the condenser coil and your evaporator coil, if accessible
  • The professionals at Reliant will ensure your thermostat is working correctly, and that all settings are correct for optimal performance.
  • Checking refrigerant lines
  • We’ll check that the refrigerant levels in your system are within acceptable ranges. Low refrigerant may indicate a leak; we can add coolant to the system for an additional charge.
  • Examination of the condensate removal section, including a check that condensate drains are working as they should, and don’t have any blockage in the line.
  • Our technicians will provide any recommendations, and can provide expert guidance on any questions you might have.

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Schedule your Tune-Up in Houston today

With Reliant, you can count on receiving a complete, multi-point inspection from a qualified technician. Every one of our professional technicians is licensed, insured, and background checked. The technician responsible for tuning up your air conditioning has several years of experience in the HVAC industry.

Choose Reliant for your annual tune-up. You’ll prolong the life of your AC unit, keep your home comfortable, and lower your monthly energy bills. Schedule your AC tune-up today by calling 1-855-457-5700.

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