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  • Reliant Local Solar Plan
    Reliant Local Solar Plan

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    Support 100% solar energy locally sourced from Texas solar farms with Reliant Local Solar plan

    Low fixed price

    Low fixed price

    Lock in a low fixed price for up to 5 years. 

    No cancellation fee

    No cancellation fee

    Stay on the plan or cancel at any time without penalty.

    No rooftop panels

    No rooftop panels

    Support solar energy without the expense and maintenance of rooftop solar panels.


    Exclusive benefits

    Whether you live in a house, apartment, or condominium, Reliant offers the benefits of solar energy without the panels. That's innovation. That’s the bright side of choosing Reliant. Sign up online with promo code WDQCCZ.

    Secure your rate now

    Support solar power without the panels. The Reliant Local Solar plan supports locally sourced electricity from solar farms in Houston and Dallas. Access to this plan is limited due to the capacity these local farms can support. Sign up now to lock in a low fixed price and no cancellation fee.

    Terms, conditions and other restrictions
    Plan available to new acquisition customers only. Plan transferability restrictions may apply if moving to a new location during your contract term. This offer may not be available in all areas and is subject to change without notice.

    Be confident you are making the right choice

    See how the Reliant Local Solar plan compares to rooftop solar and traditional electricity

      Traditional Electricity

    Traditional Electricity

    Rooftop Solar

    Rooftop Solar

    Texas Local Solar Farm

    Texas Local Solar Farm

    No panels on your roof


    No maintenance


    No upfront cost to get started


    Environmentally friendly energy


    Support local Texas solar


    No need for an in-person consultation


    Check out how solar farms work

    Check out how a solar farms work


    During the day, light from the sun hits solar panels at the solar farm. The sunlight contains photons, which convert to electricity.



    Electricity is sent from the solar farm to the grid.



    Electricity is sent from the grid to your home.


    No fuel emissions = better for the environment

    Within 1-2 years, the average home using solar energy can reduce emissions equal to one of these examples:

    Carbon sequestered by
    about 11 acres of US forests
    in one year.

    Greenhouse gas emissions
    from 23,071 miles driven in
    a car

    Greenhouse gas emissions avoided by 3.3 tons of waste recycled instead of landfilled

    Average annual kWh per US household - https://www.eia.gov/electricity/sales_revenue_price/pdf/table5_a.pdf
    Average yearly consumption for Texas household (kWh) - https://www.epa.gov/energy/greenhouse-gas-equivalencies-calculator