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What We Deliver

Whether you need to turn the lights on in your new home, power up your small business or get an RFP for your large business, we're just a click or call away. As one of the largest Texas electricity providers, we do more than provide electricity plans.

What We Deliver

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Whether you need to turn the lights on in your new home, power up your small business or get an RFP for your large business, we're just a click or call away. As one of the largest Texas electricity providers, we do more than provide electricity plans.

We do our best to tailor our electricity plans to your particular needs and offer a wide array of other products and services to make your home or business more energy efficient. That’s why more than a million Texans turn to Reliant when deciding which electricity provider to choose for residential or business service. Plus, we’re part of the NRG family of companies. Together, we’re working to provide you with new ways to power your home, business and life on the go.

If you’re still asking yourself, “What electricity company should I use,” here are just a few of the perks you’ll enjoy when you choose Reliant and gain access to much more. There are lots of reasons to make Reliant your Texas electric company of choice.



Texas electricity plans

Whether you want to help the environment, save on weekends, nights or days, get rewarded for smart usage or just not be surprised by high electricity bills, we’ve got a plan for you. We also have electricity plans specifically designed for apartment dwellers. So, it doesn’t matter if you rent or own your home, we’ll give you the hookup on electricity.

Solar plans

If you have solar panels on your home, you'll want the Reliant Simple Solar Sell Back plan, which allows you to earn sell back bill credits for excess electricity you generate and return to the grid. We also offer the Reliant 100% Solar 12 plan for people who do not have solar panels but still want to support renewable solar power.

Account and usage tools

When you become a Reliant customer, you’ll be able to monitor and manage your usage online and from your mobile device. You can even sign up for text or email alerts that notify you about your usage and when a bill is due.

Moving made easy

Another reason we’re the electricity provider of choice for many Texans is that we make it easier to do the one thing no one likes doing — moving. From flexible service start dates to moving tips and bill estimates for your new home, explore all the ways we can make your move a piece of cake.

Portable solar

Power anything, anywhere. Goal Zero®, part of the NRG family, offers portable solar power products to help you get the energy you need, wherever you need it.1

Protection plans

Protect your wallet in case your AC, heater, electrical system, wiring, or appliances need unexpected repairs or replacement, with protection plans provided by Allied Warranty that can pay a portion of repair or replacement costs. You can even get Surge Protect in case a power surge or lightning strike damages your small appliances or electronic devices. 

Earn bill credits

Get paid to save when you join the Reliant Degrees of Difference program. When you use less electricity than normal during specified times, you could earn a credit on your electricity bill.2

Home security

Protect and monitor your home from wherever you are with Security by Reliant.3 All security packages come with 24/7 monitoring, window and/or door sensors, a motion detector and professional installation. Pick your package and then customize it according to your needs with a variety of add-ons like glass break detectors, Wi-Fi doorbell cameras, and smart plugs. And Reliant electricity customers can save more than $100 a year on their electricity and security bills.

Google Nest Thermostats

Get a deal on the coolest thermostat around with plans that include a Google Nest Thermostat.4 Reliant customers can even purhase a Google Nest Thermostat at a discount.

Air filter delivery

Through the Reliant Filters Made Easy® Program, simply order the size and quantity of air filters you need and how often you want to receive shipments, and they will be delivered straight to your home, right on time. 

Tips to lower your electricity bill

We’re always updating a collection of easy tips and tricks that can help you conserve electricity and potentially lower your electricity bill. These tips can help you make more energy-efficient choices when it comes to appliances, heating and cooling, lighting, insulation and lots more.

Backup generators

When the power goes out, life goes on for you and your family when you have a permanently installed backup generator. Schedule a free in-home assessment to find out which generator best fits your needs.5

Reliant Services

Keep your home running smoothly year-round with our top rated home maintenance and repair services. We provide services for your air conditioning, heating, and more.5



Customized solutions

No matter how small or large your business, we work with you to develop pricing and specialized energy solutions that help you reach your goals and keep your facilities powered.

Energy-saving tips

Learn ways to reduce energy consumption at your business. Our collection of efficiency tips cover AC & heating, office equipment, food service equipment, water, lighting and even windows.

Security for small business

With Security by Reliant for business, you’ll be able to rest easy with 24/7 monitoring for your property plus around-the-clock access to the system from your mobile device.3 Choose the business package that’s right for you and then customize it with optional equipment like smart plugs, indoor cameras with night vision and glass-break detectors.

Power on the go

Stay connected to your business from anywhere with USB and solar-powered phone and laptop chargers from Goal Zero®, an NRG company.

Reliant Business Surge Protect

Plan ahead to mitigate a portion of the costs of repairing and replacing equipment and wiring after a power surge.

Backup generators

With a commercial generator, you’ll be able to focus on running your small business during an unexpected outage, not managing your power. Our backup generator services can help you keep your calm during an outage.5

Homebuilders, property managers and realtors

Find all the forms you need to manage electricity starts and stops for your business, your residents or your clients, along with information about how you can earn ancillary income by partnering with Reliant.

Channel partners

We help brokers get the information they need to create contracts more quickly and manage their business more efficiently online. Plus, through Reliant BrokerConnect®, you have easy access to self-service pricing and energy tools to help strengthen your client portfolio.

Authorized representatives

Join an independent network of businesses and salespeople who have qualified to sell Reliant electricity directly to customers and enjoy an unlimited earning potential.

Take a look at our small business electricity rates and discover how much you could save today.

Plans made to fit your lifestyle

Plans made to fit your lifestyle.

We have the perfect electricity plan for you. Discover all we have to offer.

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