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  • Office space with workers working in an open environment

    Energy-saving tips

    Energy-saving tips

    Office space with workers working in an open environment

    Lower the energy consumption of your business with these practical tips for your office or work facility.

    local bakery shop

    AC & Heating

    Set the office thermostat, use your AC the smart way and strategically seal your property.

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    food service stations

    Food Service Equipment

    Restaurants have special energy concerns. Get tips that can help.

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    small business lighting tips


    Save money with the flip of a switch — and a few other enhancements.

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    small business office

    Office Equipment

    Think carefully about the equipment your employees use every day and get the most out of using less electricity

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    hot water faucet


    Slight adjustments to your water heater, fixtures and landscaping can help you conserve.

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    office space with large windows


    Windows can make a huge difference in your heating and cooling costs. Find out how to reduce heat gained and lost through the glass.

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