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  • Signing up

    • Reliant brings you more every day. Each person at Reliant is committed to our customers and our community. We are passionate about providing electricity and smart energy solutions to our customers. 

      Feel free to check out our plans and rates, chat with us online or call us at 1-866-660-4900 to learn more. 

    • You can sign up for service at 1-866-660-4900 or online. You can also contact us for a quote if you don't see what you need online.
    • The switch can take anywhere from a few days to two weeks to be processed, unless you have a prearranged date set.* We'll send you an email once your service starts with Reliant. You may also check your status by calling us at 1-866-660-4900, or through online chat.

      *Charges may apply.

    • Yes. If you are moving, we offer the option to change your desired start date with at least three business days' notice; however, this change is not available online. Please call us at 1-866-660-4900.
    • To change your electricity plan, call us at 1-866-660-4900.
    • Yes. It only takes a few minutes, plus:

      • There's no need to contact your current provider; we’ll take care of the switch for you. 
      • Your service will not be interrupted. 
      • You'll keep the same meter and same power lines you had before. 
    • If you're starting service at a new location, your service can begin a minimum of two business days after you sign up. If you're switching from another provider, your service with Reliant will begin within two weeks after you sign up. Please keep in mind that you may need to satisfy certain requirements, such as paying a deposit or providing valid ID, and delays in satisfying these requirements can delay your start date.
    • We'll need your business name, point of contact, business address, federal tax ID and the approximate square footage of your business to enroll you online. If you are unable to provide any of this information, call us at 1-866-660-4900 to sign up.
    • A deposit may be required depending on your payment history and your credit score. If so, you'll need to satisfy the deposit requirement before your service can begin. Your deposit amount will be calculated at the time of your enrollment request.
    • You have several options for paying or satisfying your deposit: 

      For more information, please contact a customer service representative at 1-866-660-4900.

    Moving or transferring your service

    • Flexible Move-In can get you same-day electricity service or lets you schedule your new connection up to 60 days in advance.*
      *Requests processed after 5:00 p.m. Central Time will be connected the next business day. Same-day service is offered Monday through Saturday, weather permitting, where an existing meter is in place. No connections on holidays. Enrollment and permit requirements must be met before a request can be processed. Additional charges apply.
    • No. The transfer process allows you to retain the same Reliant contract account number; therefore, once the transfer is completed, your new address information will automatically show up when you log in to your account at reliant.com.
    • If you are signed up for average billing, you will not be able to set up average billing for your new address until the final bill for your old address has been paid. Once you have paid your final bill, residential customers can call 713-207-7777 or 1-866-222-7100 and business customers can call 713-207-5555 or 1-866-660-4900 to check eligibility and set up average billing for your new address. Paperless billing and AutoPay will transfer to your new address automatically.

    • Your local utility company will charge a move-in fee to establish electric service in your name at the new address. This fee will appear on your first bill. Depending on your new location, a permit may also be required, which may involve additional fees. You will also be responsible for paying any remaining balance on your Reliant account that is associated with your current address.
    • Because several factors can affect the utility company's ability to start or stop your service — for example, your meter may be physically inaccessible — we cannot guarantee the date you select. You can check the status of your transfer by logging in to your account at reliant.com.

      You are still responsible for all electricity consumed until your service is stopped. Therefore, you may want to turn off all appliances upon moving out to avoid incurring further charges.

    • You will still need to submit a transfer request so that we can establish service in your name. Otherwise, the electricity can be turned off at any time based on the previous customer's move-out request, and you will be without power for one to three business days.
    • Because several factors can affect our ability to start your service — for example, your meter may be physically inaccessible or a permit may be required — we cannot guarantee the transfer date you select. You can check the status of your transfer by logging in to your account at reliant.com.
    • Your local utility company will have to take a meter reading for your service to begin. To avoid delays in processing your request, we ask you to ensure that the meter will be completely accessible on this date. This includes making sure there are no locked gates or overgrown foliage hindering access to the meter.
    • Yes, your historical information will continue to appear in your online profile even if the service address is no longer receiving electricity. You can remove your old account via the My Profile page when you no longer need access to this information.
    • Please call us at 1-866-660-4900 to request a move-out.
    • We can help you transfer your service in a matter of minutes at 1-866-660-4900.

    Other plan or account changes

    • To cancel your plan, please call 1-866-660-4900. You cannot cancel online. Early cancellation fees may apply until you receive your Contract Expiration Notice. For information specific to your plan, visit the Current Plan page in your online account, where you can download your Electricity Facts Label and Terms of Service.
    • Call us at 1-866-660-4900, and a business services representative will help update the name of your business in our records and on your account.
    • Notice – Certain customers may be eligible to apply for the following designations based on their medical status or the nature of the business: 

      • Critical Care Residential Customer: A residential customer who has a person permanently residing in his or her home who has been diagnosed by a physician as being dependent upon an electric-powered medical device to sustain life. 
      • Chronic Condition Residential Customer: A residential customer who has a person permanently residing in his or her home who has been diagnosed by a physician as having a serious medical condition that requires an electric-powered medical device or electric heating or cooling to prevent the impairment of a major life function through a significant deterioration or exacerbation of the person’s medical condition. 
      • Critical Load Public Safety Customer: A non-residential customer for whom electric service is considered crucial for the protection or maintenance of public safety, including but not limited to hospitals, police stations, fire stations, and critical water and wastewater facilities. 
      • Critical Load Industrial Customer: An industrial customer for whom an interruption or suspension of electric service would create a dangerous or life-threatening condition on the retail customer’s premises. 
      You can apply for the applicable designation, which affords certain protections. Please contact Reliant for more information. Critical Care Residential Customer and Chronic Condition Residential Customer designations require an application your physician completes and submits to your transmission and distribution utility (TDU) on your behalf. Critical Load Public Safety Customer and Critical Load Industrial Customer designations require you to complete an application with your TDU: 

      Please note that these statuses do not guarantee an uninterrupted, regular, or continuous power supply. If electricity is a necessity, the customer must make arrangements for on-site back-up capabilities or other alternatives in the event of loss of electric service.