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  • Get paid to save with Reliant Business Degrees of Difference.

    The Reliant Business Degrees of Difference program is an easy and rewarding way to make a difference for the community and environment. You’ll earn bill credits for making small adjustments that conserve electricity during anticipated high-demand periods.

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    How It Helps

    • Receive a Business Degrees of Difference bill credit of $0.60 per kWh for using less electricity than normal during specified reduction periods.*
    • Get the satisfaction of knowing you’ve done your part to help the community by reducing demand on the electric grid.
    • Contribute to a better environment through collective usage reduction.

    How It Works

    Reliant will email you the day prior to an anticipated period of high demand, requesting you reduce your electricity usage for a specified time period. During the hours of requested reduction, adjust the thermostat as little as four degrees, dim lights and turn off office equipment that's not in use. Every action can make a difference. And for making these small changes, you’ll earn $0.60 per kWh conserved for using less electricity than normal during anticipated high-demand periods.*

    How to Get It

    To participate in the Reliant Business Degrees of Difference program, call 713-207-5555.

    Terms, conditions and other restrictions

    * Reliant determines a participant’s usage reduction by comparing actual kWh usage during the hours of requested reduction to the participant’s typical usage during the same time of day over the prior five weekdays. Participants with a usage reduction will receive a bill credit within two billing cycles following a specified reduction period.