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    Use blinds or curtains with a white exterior side.*

    During the summer, you can reduce solar heat gain up to 50%. Sunlight can increase the demand on your air conditioner by as much as 30%.

    Install awnings over windows.

    Awnings will reduce the amount of heat transferred through your windows.

    Buy windows with the ENERGY STAR® label when you're renovating.

    ENERGY STAR windows reduce heat gain or loss by as much as 70%.

    Apply reflective film or solar screens to existing windows.

    Tinted or reflective film can dramatically reduce the amount of electricity used to cool your space during the summer.

    Replace your single-pane, clear windows with double-pane windows.

    Single-pane, clear windows are poor insulators, allowing heat from the sun to transfer into your facility. This forces your air conditioning system to work harder to compensate for the heat.

    *All tips sourced from: U.S. Small Business Administration and ENERGY STAR