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  • Water Tips

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    Fix leaks.*

    Small leaks add up to many gallons of water and dollars wasted each month.

    Use water-saving devices.

    Install lower-flow faucets, showerheads, toilets and urinals to save water.

    Install an insulation blanket on water heaters.

    Install an insulation blanket on water heaters seven years of age or older and insulate the first three feet of the heated water "out" pipe on both old and new units.

    If buying new, purchase the most efficient water heater.

    In areas of infrequent use, consider tankless water heaters to reduce standby storage costs and waste.

    Set water temperature only as hot as needed (110-120 degrees).

    A slightly lower temperature helps prevent scalds and saves energy (check local codes for specific temperatures).

    Practice xeriscaping by using plants native to your climate.

    Use plants native to your climate that require minimal watering and possess better pest resistance. If local code allows, consider diverting "gray water" for irrigation.

    *All tips sourced from: U.S. Small Business Administration and ENERGY STAR