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    Use ENERGY STAR®-certified refrigerators and freezers.*

    ENERGY STAR appliances often use 45% less energy than conventional models, which could save as much as $140 annually for refrigerators, $100 for freezers, $60-180 for deep fryers, $280 for hot food holding cabinets and $450-820 for steam cookers, depending on fuel.

    Clean refrigerator coils twice a year and replace door gaskets.

    You will know this needs to be done if a dollar bill easily slips out when closed between the door's seals.

    Have large and walk-in refrigeration systems serviced at least annually.

    This includes cleaning, topping off refrigerant, lubricating moving parts and adjusting belts. This will help ensure efficient operation and longer equipment life.

    Upgrade equipment with modern efficiency technology.

    Consider retrofitting existing refrigerators and display cases with anti-sweat door heater controls and variable-speed evaporator fan motors and controls.

    *All tips sourced from: U.S. Small Business Administration and ENERGY STAR