In our eyes, sustainability shouldn't be an option, but a priority.


With our parent company, NRG Energy, we strive to be the sustainability leader in our industry and have adopted a two-pronged approach to achieve our goals:

  • Lead the industry in the clean energy revolution
  • Minimize the impact from conventional generation by repowering our generation fleet with cleaner technologies, and operating our existing plants at or above standards set by environmental regulations

Today, consumers and businesses are striving toward a sustainable future through their demand for energy innovation and choice. NRG is taking the lead by opening new horizons for people to improve their lives with clean energy in ways they didn't even know were possible.

From our unique rooftop solar solutions for homes and businesses and publicly available electric vehicle charging infrastructure, to our commitment in repowering our traditional generation fleet to make it more efficient, our eyes are on a sustainable future. Let's get started, and enjoy a clean, energetic future for your business.