NRG NRG IntelliTools Controller

NRG IntelliToolsTM Controller

It’s never been easier for you to take charge. 


The IntelliToolsTM Controller, powered by EnTouch Controls, is a suite of energy management products and services that deliver total facilities intelligence to your business. It features HVAC controls, lighting controls, thermal sensors and energy monitoring and fits your specific needs. Since it's your energy, you should be able to monitor it simply and efficiently.

With the device, you'll be able to:

  • Equip your restaurants, fast food chains, small retail offices and educational facilities
  • Cut your electricity consumption and watch your electricity bills shrink*
  • Provide a return on investment (ROI) break-even as low as one year
  • Benchmark your various sites and control multiple locations from one dashboard
  • Identify hidden maintenance errors and monitor equipment health
  • Enjoy the assurance of fee-based, 24/7 monitoring, reporting and dispatch services

Want to learn more? Take a look at the IntelliToolsTM Controller Data Sheet (PDF).  Contact your NRG Account Executive today to learn more and sign up for the IntelliToolsTM Controller solutions, or call 1-888-315-1558 for information.

Terms, conditions and other restrictions

*Energy reduction and/or savings are not guaranteed. They are based on a full-scale device level monitoring installation and are contingent upon the customer taking action on proposed opportunities for optimization. 

The IntelliToolsTM Controller is offered in conjunction with EnTouch Controls. NRG is not affiliated with EnTouch Controls or the services and other products they provide or market. NRG is not affiliated with LEED, GBCI or the USGBC.