NRG 4CP Alerts

Reliant 4CP Alerts

Reduce peak load this year and reduce transmission costs next year with Reliant 4CP Alerts.


Note: This service is only available in Texas.

Companies that understand the impact 4CP (Coincident Peak) events have on their energy rates and anticipate these events can save thousands on their transmission and distribution costs the following year, simply by monitoring and controlling their demand activities.

The TDSP calculates your energy rates based upon your company’s electricity usage that coincides with the peak demand on the ERCOT system during the four hottest months of the year – June, July, August and September. Your peak demand during these four events is then averaged and used as your company’s 4CP kilowatt (kW) rate for the next calendar year.

How It Works

We notify our Reliant 4CP users via email the day before and the day of a potential 4CP event, and we send an email if the event is cancelled or rescheduled. By curtailing your load during this time period, you can lower the rate at which the TDSP charges your company for transmission and distribution costs next year.

Reliant 4CP Alerts are part of our continuing effort to help you make decisions about your energy usage and demand.

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Terms, conditions and other restrictions
A customer’s decision to reduce load in anticipation of a possible 4CP event is voluntary and does not affect the customer’s obligations to perform under its Agreement with Reliant. Customers with Resources that are providing Responsive Reserve Service remain obligated under the terms of their agreements to provide Responsive Reserve Service in accordance with ERCOT Protocols and in compliance with the ERCOT Award Notice. Customers on settlement products remain responsible for all Settlement Adjustments that accrue under the terms of their Agreements.
*Depending on the TDSP and customer voltage level. Annual savings estimate based on reducing energy consumption in each of the 4CP events occurring in June, July, August and September. However, participation in all 4 events is not necessary - TDSP charges for each customer are calculated for the following year by taking the average of the customer’s current year demand readings during the ERCOT 4CP events.
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