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You can forget worrying about due dates or late payments when you have each month's bill paid automatically. Choose which option works best for you, and breathe easy, knowing your bill is taken care of every month.* 

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Automatic Bank Draft

Quickly and easily pay your electric bill each month by having it drafted directly from your bank account. Regular payments will be debited from your bank account when they are due, ensuring your bills are paid on time every time. You’ll still get a copy of your electricity bill so you can review it before paying. And it's risk-free; you can change to a different payment method at any time.

Automatic Credit Card Pay

Be sure your bill is paid on time, every time when you have it paid automatically from your credit card. Regular payments will be charged to your credit card when they are due. Plus, you’ll receive the benefits of any rewards that your credit card company may already offer, such as frequent flier miles or program points. It's risk-free; you can change to a different payment method at any time.

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Terms, conditions and other restrictions
*Not available for Reliant SmartStart PlanSM customers. To be eligible for an automatic payment option, your Reliant account must be in good standing and you may not have two or more returned payments during the past 6-month period. If your account is eligible, you will be enrolled on the automatic payment plan of your choice following the next full billing cycle after Reliant processes your request. You will continue to receive a copy of your monthly electricity bill for your records, but once you are set up for automatic payments, your bill will be marked, "Do Not Pay." Reliant may terminate your participation under any automatic payment option in the event you provide incorrect, false or fraudulent account information or if you have more than one returned payment item on your account. Additionally, after your first returned payment item, your automatic payment plan will be temporarily deactivated and may only be reactivated upon your verification of your payment account information. Once you have more than one returned payment, your account may be ineligible for reactivation on automatic payment options for up to 6 months. Your bank account information will be used only for the purposes of setting up your account for automatic monthly payments and Reliant will keep your account information confidential. You can cancel at any time.