NRG Home Energy Checkup

Home Energy Checkup

Has your home been checked with an energy assessment? Make sure your home stays as energy efficient as possible by requesting a free Home Energy Snapshot today.

You'll get personalized advice on how to make this year your home's best ever. Benefit from energy savings that you may not be aware are possible prior to an energy assessment.

1 Request your FREE Home Energy Snapshot
2 Check out your Home Efficiency Rating and the energy-efficiency tips outlined in your Snapshot.
3 If recommended, schedule an In-Home Consultation to get personalized strategies for making your home more efficient.

Request Your Energy Snapshot

Home Energy Snapshot

Generated the moment you complete the request form, the Home Energy Snapshot leverages historical usage data to give you:

  • A report of your home's average electricity usage over the last year
  • A Home Efficiency Rating, based on comparisons with similar homes
  • Tips to improve your home's energy efficiency
  • A baseline with which to measure your home's efficiency progress
Electricity usage medium

Electricity Usage

Your Home Energy Snapshot will give you a clear indication of how your electricity usage compares to the electricity usage of similar homes in your area.

Five Factors

Five major elements impact the energy efficiency and electricity usage of your home.


Thermal Envelope






Equipment Efficiency


Connected Electrical Load

Home Efficiency Ratings are updated once per month, but you can request Home Energy Snapshots as often as you like. Snapshots requested before the next month's usage update will not include any new usage data.

To receive a Snapshot, your home must be at least one year old.

Start by requesting your Home Energy Snapshot online.

Request Your Energy Snapshot

In-Home Consultation

If your Home Efficiency Rating indicates inefficiencies in electricity use, we may recommend scheduling an In-Home Consultation. At your request, a Reliant Home Energy Consultant will visit your home, review your Snapshot with you, thoroughly examine your home and leave you with your Closer Look, an at-a-glance guide containing your home's personalized assessment and practical solutions for improvement. 

Call 1-855-887-21901-855-887-2190 to schedule your In-Home Consultation.

Within 48 hours of your In-Home Consultation, your Home Energy Consultant will send you your Big Picture, a detailed report that includes all the factors assessed during your consultation, plus specific actions you can take.

The In-Home Consultation Evaluates

  1. Home characteristics Age, size, type and number of stories
  2. Heating and cooling system
    Fuel source, system size an SEER rating
  3. Appliances
    Energy Efficiency and 5 Star Rating
  4. Thermostat(s)
    Type(s) and automation
  5. Air Return System
    Location, flow, etc.
  1. Insulation type
    Location, depth and R-value
  2. Ductwork
    Design, connections, sizing, performance, seal method, type and R-value
  3. Attic Ventilation
    Types and amounts
  4. Windows
    Seals and caulking
  5. Lighting
    Interior and exterior lighting

Additional Tools

To compare your home with a smaller sample of comparable homes, you can use Energy Compare, available in the Reliant Weekly Summary Email and in your online account. Because Energy Compare measures your home against a smaller geographic area and a more limited group of homes than the Home Energy Snapshot, the comparison may differ.

Helpful Information


Call 1-855-887-2190 to schedule your In-Home Consultation. You can request an In-Home Consultation once per year.