NRG NRG Street Charge

NRG Street Charge®

Already up and running in 18 cities worldwide, NRG Street Charge® solar charging stations give people what they expect: power everywhere. The station's streamlined design integrates beautifully into urban environments and makes powering up any device simple and inviting.

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Reclaim an outdoor space, promote sustainability and create spaces for people to congregate with Street Charge stations — powered by the sun and focused on people. Street Charge stations can be installed permanently or temporarily with no fuss for special events.


  • Three 20-watt solar panels for primary power
  • 168 watt-hour lithium battery storage for night use
  • Built-in weather and tamper-resistant cords for charging up to six phones
  • No hardwiring necessary, which means no-hassle installation for permanent, seasonal and temporary use