NRG Go Portable Power

Portable Power

NRG Go Portable Power

NRG Go Portable Power

When your phone dies and you don’t have time to wait next to a wall outlet or car charger, pick up a NRG Go Pack. Charge your phone while on the move and return it when you’re done. It’s that simple, and it’s totally free for Reliant customers.

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Rent, Recharge and Return

Low battery phone

Need a charge?

If your iPhone or Android is dead or running low, we’ve got you covered.

Locate a station

Rent a power pack

Grab a power pack from one of the NRG Go Stations located throughout Houston, TX.

Charge your phone

Charge on the go

Stay out-and-about while charging your phone back to full power.

Return the power pack

Drop off the power pack at the nearest NRG Go Station, or even mail it back in to our office.


NRG Go Stations can be found at venues throughout Houston, TX, such as NRG Park, downtown hot spots, and at special events nationwide. Locate a station ›