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    Smart Home Automation

    Greater energy management, control and connectivity are at your fingertips. Our smart home automation tools and devices are designed to complement your home security system while simplifying your life. Here are some tips to help you optimize your devices.

    Adjust automatically with Geo-Services

    Want an even more personalized experience? Sync the below devices with our Geo-Services technology. When you enable Geo-Services, your devices will automatically adjust as you approach home. It’s simple and convenient.

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    Connect on-the-go

    Connect on-the-go

    Away for the weekend and forgot to adjust the thermostat or turn off a light? You can adjust them right from your mobile device — managing your energy consumption with your on-the-go control.*

    Smart thermostat

    Smart thermostat

    • Use system events or your smartphone activity to intelligently set your thermostat temperature and manage your settings remotely
    • Receive an email or text alert if your system detects an unexpected high or low temperature
    • Automatically adjust your thermostat to save money when it’s extremely hot or cold outside

    If you’re a Reliant electricity customer, enroll your smart thermostat in our Degrees of Difference program for even greater energy savings.

    Smart LED lights

    Smart LED lights

    • Set schedules to turn lights on and off at specific times
    • Schedule time intervals by day so it looks like you’re home even when you’re away
    Smart plugs

    Smart plugs

    • Remotely turn on and off any device that plugs into a standard wall socket
    • Create schedules so devices come on at designated times
    • Set electronics like your TV or cable box to conserve energy and automatically turn off appliances when you’re not home
    Smart door lock

    Smart door lock

    • Lock that can be unlocked with the Reliant Connect app or a unique user code
    • Log who uses the lock and get alerts when someone uses their user code to enter
    • Create or disable unique lock codes for each user, and limit access to control when the codes can be used
    Smart garage door control

    Smart garage door control

    • Open and close your garage door remotely from anywhere
    • Hear and see warnings prior to remotely activated door movements

    Want to add any of these smart home automation products to your security package?

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    *The Reliant Connect App operates on connected devices with an active cellular, Wi-Fi or internet connection; data charges may apply.
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