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Text-On-Demand & Reliant AccountAlerts

Get information about your electricity usage and your Reliant account in an instant. Now, you can have your latest usage estimates delivered via text message and even see what your next bill might look like based on your usage to date.

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Request and receive a text with your monthly usage

Just send any of the keywords below to 697697 after activating your mobile number online.* Message and data rates may apply.

Bill To receive the amount and due date for your next Reliant bill
Estbill To receive an estimate of your next bill based on your usage so far this month
Cost To receive the amount and electricity charges you have incurred so far this month
Usage To receive your usage in kilowatt-hours so far this month
Help For more information
Stop To stop receiving all text alerts

Take advantage of Text On-Demand today, and stay alerted and up-to-date with your electricity budget.

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Automatic alerts

Stay on top of your account with automatic Reliant AccountAlerts. These periodic text messages sent directly to your phone are designed to help you manage your electricity budget.

You can receive text alerts that notify you:

  • Five days before your bill is due
  • When your current cost exceeds your budget
  • When your projected bill exceeds your budget
  • When you exceed your daily usage
  • When your daily usage spikes by 25 percent
  • Sign up for Reliant AccountAlerts today to gain greater control of your electricity usage and budget. Message and data rates may apply. The number and frequency of messages will vary based on the specific alert types selected in your Alerts and Contact Preferences.

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Terms, conditions and other restrictions
* Customers must have already opted in to receive alerts via text from the Contact Preferences page on the Account Management dashboard. Available only to customers with a smart meter. Message and data rates may apply. For Terms and Conditions, go to