Google Nest Cam Indoor

Google Nest and Reliant help you keep an eye on what matters most, even while you’re away. With 24/7 live streaming, super-clear HD quality, mobile alerts and simple setup, Nest Cam Indoor is what an indoor security camera should be.

Nest Cam Indoor
Nest Indoor Cam

Watch the house from anywhere

Explore Reliant electricity plans that come complete with a Nest Cam Indoor at no additional cost. You’ll feel more at ease about your home, your family and your electricity.

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24/7 streaming is just the beginning

With the Nest Cam Indoor, you can view live streaming video of your home, anytime and anywhere, on your mobile device. Know what your family and pets are up to, and make sure everything is safe and sound.

Nest Cam Indoor


Easy setup
Takes only a few minutes to install. Just plug it in, download the Nest app and set up the Nest Cam Indoor from your phone. Stand it up or choose the built-in magnet or removable wall plate. Even connect it to standard mounts or tripods.

Plug-in-and-go security
Your Nest Cam Indoor plugs into power, so you never have to worry about dead batteries.


1080p HD and 130-degree wide-angle view
Most cameras are grainy, choppy and use a ton of Wi-Fi bandwidth. Nest Cam streams smoothly in full 1080p HD, without overloading your internet connection. Plus, Nest Cam gives you a 130-degree view of the room.

Alerts on your phone
Nest Cam Indoor looks for motions and listens for unexpected sounds. If Nest Cam thinks something’s up, it’ll send a phone alert or an email with a key image from the event. If you miss an alert, you can always see activity from the last three hours in the Nest app.


Night vision
Nest Cam’s eight infrared LEDs help you see the whole room at night. And because these LEDs know the difference between a flashlight and sunlight, Night Vision won’t turn off every time a bright light passes in front of the camera.

Built-in speaker and microphone
Listen to what’s happening at home and even speak through the Nest Cam Indoor.


Watch Nest Cam on Google Nest Hub
What are the kids doing? Is the dog on the sofa again? Google Assistant and Nest Hub work with Nest Cam Indoor to let you check in on any room, so there are no surprises. Talk to Google Assistant and say, “Hey Google, show me the living room.”

Nest Aware app
Nest Aware

With Nest Aware, you’ll never miss a thing

When you subscribe to Nest Aware, Nest Cam Indoor continuously records what’s happening, 24/7, for up to 30 days.

  • Use the Sightline feature to scan through your entire video history – not just clips – to see what you missed.
  • Person alerts let you know when Nest Cam Indoor sees a human. Like if a person walks into the room, or if someone’s head appears in frame.
  • Create Activity Zones around important areas, like cribs or windows, and get special alerts when something happens there.


Size and weight


Weight: 7.1 oz (203.0 g)

Height: 4.5 in (11.4 cm)

Width: 2.8 in (7.3 cm)

Length: 2.8 in (7.3 cm)

Total cable length: 10 feet (3 m)


AC power adaptor

Input: 100–240V AC 0.2A

DC output: 5VDC 2.0A

Camera input: 5VDC 1.0A



⅓" 3-megapixel sensor with millions of colors and 8X digital zoom


Field of view

130° diagonal


Night vision

8 high-power infrared LEDs (850 nm) with IR cut filter


Audio and lights






Wi-Fi connection.

Working Wi-Fi connection: Wi-Fi use requires 802.11 b/g/n @ 2.4GHz, 5GHz.

Requires a web browser or a compatible phone or tablet with the free Nest app and Bluetooth 4.0. Some phones, tablets, and networks do not support 1080p.



Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n, 2.4GHz or 5GHz

(WEP, WPA, WPA2 encryption supported)

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)



At 720p, each camera requires an average of 200 Kb/s of upload bandwidth and support for peak rates of 500 Kb/s of upload bandwidth.

At 1080p, each camera requires an average of 450 Kb/s of upload bandwidth and support for peak rates of 1200 Kb/s of upload bandwidth.

If you subscribe to Nest Aware, your camera streams all video to the cloud for secure offsite storage. At 720p, this requires 60GB of upload bandwidth per month. At 1080p, this requires 140GB of upload bandwidth per month.


Operating temperature

32°–104°F (0°–40°C)


Weather resistance

Indoor use only



Two-year limited warranty. For support, visit


Setting up your Nest Cam Indoor

Install and learn how to use your camera, plus find troubleshooting tips.

Get started

Accessing your Nest Cam Indoor with the Google Assistant

Learn how to connect your Nest products to your Google Home or Google Home Hub and explore some examples of how they can work together.2

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Terms, conditions and other restrictions
Google, Google Nest Cam Indoor and Google Nest Hub are trademarks of Google LLC.

1Some features, including mobile notifications, remote control, video streaming and video recording, require working internet and Wi-Fi. 

2Google Home and Google Nest Hub require a Wi-Fi network, a nearby electrical outlet, and a compatible (Android, iOS) mobile device. Minimum OS requirements are available at Voice commands require a compatible device and working internet and Wi-Fi. Google Home Hub and Reliant Commands are only available in English at this time.

A limited warranty is only provided by Google, and except for that limited warranty, Reliant and Google make no warranties. Reliant is not affiliated with Google or the products and services it markets.