6 Ways to Save Money on Your Move

Moving is often not only taxing mentally and physically, but taxing on your funds too. Luckily, there are a handful of expert ways to save money during the moving process. Read on to find out how to move from your current home to your new home the smart, money-saving way.

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1. Scavenge for free cardboard boxes.

Cardboard boxes are not cheap. Rather than spending your hard-earned money on cardboard boxes, you can save on move costs by collecting boxes from people and places that have cardboard boxes that they’d like to throw away. For example, your office may have empty paper boxes you could use for your move. Another dependable place to check is liquor stores around town, especially since they usually have boxes with cardboard dividers, making it easy to pack glasses and other breakables.

2. Get rid of unused belongings.

Over time, people tend to collect a lot of items without even realizing it. Moving is a good time to go through your belongings and clear out the items you have not used in a long time. Dive into your closets and cabinets, and pull out all of your belongings. Sort your belongings into three categories: keep, donate and toss.

One way to make some extra money off of the items you want to donate is to actually sell them. You could do this by having a garage sale or yard sale, sell through print or online classified ads, or selling to friends and family.

3. Make sure your furniture will fit.

If you have large furniture, make sure that it will fit into your new home before paying to have it moved. You can do this by measuring the furniture and making sure it will fit the dimensions of the rooms at your next place.  You don’t want to spend money moving items that don’t need to go with you. If your old furniture doesn’t make the cut, you can sell it or donate it.

4. Be creative with packing materials.

Another way to save money is to use towels, sheets, blankets, clothes and shopping bags to wrap up fragile items instead of purchasing bubble wrap and packing materials from a store. Fabrics you already own can work effectively as packing supplies and save you the extra boxes that would have been required to transport the towels and blankets on their own.

5. Consider portable storage options. 

You may opt to skip the whole truck rental and professional movers ordeal by renting a portable storage container. Certain portable storage companies will send a storage container to your home that you can pack up on your own time and then ship to the new location. With many of these companies, you will not have to pay to rent a truck since they ship the portable storage container to the new location for you. This can be especially helpful if there are several days or weeks between your move-out date and when you can move into your new home.

6. Stop and think twice before you purchase more.

In the midst of all the excitement of moving, it can be tempting to buy more than you actually need when it comes to new furniture and household goods. Unfortunately, you may be spending more than you should. Stay focused and only buy what you truly need. Think twice before swiping your card, and you will thank yourself later.