Winter is here, thermometer with sky

Together with Texas

Texas is our home and our customers are our neighbors. We know many in our community are left with worry and confusion following the winter storm, and we stand ready to help.

Winter is here, thermometer with sky


Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions brought on by February’s historic winter storm here.

Financial Assistance Covid Heart

Payment assistance

Keeping up with bills and due dates can be hard sometimes. We understand, and we want to lighten your load.

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Reduce Energy

Tips to reduce your energy usage

  • Set the thermostat to 68 degrees or lower
  • Run fans clockwise to push hot air down
  • Turn off and unplug nonessential lights, electronics and appliances
  • Avoid using large appliances like your oven, washing machine, dryer and dishwasher
  • Open blinds and curtains to take advantage of the sun's natural heat during the day


Winter Storm Relief

We're Texas a virtual benefit concert

"We're Texas," a virtual benefit concert with Matthew and Camila McConaughey

Reliant has donated $1 million to the just keep livin Foundation’s Texas Relief Fund. Founded by Texas-born actor Matthew McConaughey and his wife, Camila, the organization is working with nonprofits across the state to offer aid to those who are still recovering from the effects of February’s winter storm. To raise awareness and help Texans in need, the Foundation, with support from Reliant, hosted the “We’re Texas,” a virtual benefit concert featuring music and real-life impact stories that streamed on McConaughey’s YouTube channel.

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NRG, Reliant’s parent company, has committed $10 million in cash and resources toward helping Texas recover. This is the place we call home, and we feel it’s essential we do our part for those here who are struggling.

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Reliant Gives

Giving back to the places we call home

To support our neighbors in need after the unprecedented Winter Storm Uri, Reliant and parent company NRG Energy, Inc. are making an initial $3 million commitment in cash donations to the communities we serve to address food and water shortages, temporary or damaged housing and the overall recovery effort across Texas. The donations are part of our community program, Reliant Gives, and our parent company, NRG Energy, Inc.’s $10 million in relief to Texas communities.

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An additional $500,000 is being provided to Reliant’s CARE program, which works with nonprofit agencies to assist residential customers, including seniors and low-income families, with paying their Reliant electricity bills.

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Recovery after a power outage

Recovery tips

  • If your home was without power during the storm and you’re still experiencing issues with electricity, contact your utility company.
  • If you haven’t restocked your home emergency kit, or if you need to build one, here’s a guide to ensuring you have what you need:
  • Plan for the future: stock up on nonperishable foods and backup power sources and establish how you’ll contact loved ones if communications are interrupted.
  • Check appliances around your home to be sure they’re functioning correctly. Power surges following an outage can damage appliances due to a “tidal wave” of electricity.
  • Leave repairs of electrical equipment to the professionals. If your home was without power during the storm and you’re still experiencing issues with electricity, contact your utility company and never attempt to fix electrical problems on your own.
  • If you have burst pipes that require professional repairs, be sure that you’re seeking verified contractors to work on your home. Plumbers with proper certifications will ensure that repairs are completed correctly and that no additional damage is done.

If you would like more information about recovering from the storm, there are resources available as you move forward.

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Need to report an outage?

To keep lines open for emergencies, please do not call 911 to report a power outage. Instead, contact your transmission and distribution utility provider.

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For medical emergencies, please call 911.